First rare spawn tamed?

The first Rare Spawned I tamed was Skoll on the Snow Drift planes while farming Crystallized Air from the Storm Riders there. I was looting a corpse when i noticed a Bizzar looking Dog that looked as if it just got off the electric chair. I was gonna kill him untill I thought better and hit him with "Beast Lore" and found he was tamable. Therefore I kicked my Rhino to the side of the road and droped a "Freezing Arrow" on his head and bagged the tame. To this day Stormfang has rarely, if ever left my line up of active pets.
The first rare spawn I ever tamed was Old Cliff Jumper back when I was first leveling this hunter. But I've released him back to the wild a few months ago. Running out of stable slots, so some pets I had to get rid of.

As far as the spirit beasts, I honestly can't remember which one I tamed first. I'm thinking it was probably Loque or Arcturis. After that I went on a taming frenzy and nabbed all nine spirit beasts out there. I'm definitely NOT going to delete them when Mists come.

First pet I plan on taming when Mists come out is a Quilen once I hit the appropriate level. I think a Battle Rez will come in handy for raids. There are lots of other pets I want to tame of course with new skins, but I will have to wait to see if they increase stable slots. If not, I'll just stick with taming the Quilen.
Rak'shiri, in Winterspring. Took me at least a month back in Vanilla to get her, and she's still my favorite pet! Best looking pet imo, way cooler than all those mainstream spirit beasts and whatnot :)
The giant white gorilla in Northern Stranglethorn. Don't remember its name.
the white tiger in teldrassil. dawn-something
Nuramoc in early Wrath. So glad I was doing cooking dailies at the time.
The rare white bat in tirisfal. I can't remember what it's name is. Rezzan the Needler or something.

The I got the Clutchmother in Darkshore/

For Cata I can't remember if I tamed Terropene or Skarr first; I got them about the same time.
My rarest is my Mineing monkey. To bad his pick is gone. Still shows up in the Picture here though.

Though I did tame Olm the Wise for my brother when he went to get a drink and told me to fly over to a archy spot.
I've had many tames, but the weirdest one was prolly Wolverine, you know, the worgen in the WOTLK quest, too bad they turned him into a regular wolf D:
First rare was Brokentooth when he had the fastest attack speed of any pet, he used to rip clothies apart in PVP with his 1.1 attack speed
FIrst rare spawn was a ghost cat in darkshore that spawned from a statue. Not sure if you still can spawn it since the changes in cata. On an unrelated not my favorite pet has to be Chromaggus from BWL. The only Core hound skin worth the work in my opinion.
Mine was Echeyakee (spawns from a Horde Quest), and then Humar, and Snarler.
It has been too long since I tamed my first one that I no longer remember it. I think it was that Rare turtle in Hillsbrad Foothills. On all my hunters. Needed that tanking pet. lol Though, it didn't look anything spectacular.

The first Rare tame that looks rare is either Terrorpene or Sambas.
mine was the ghost saber in darkshore that spawns from the cat figurines. while not truly a rare, it used to be very tough to get him as horde.
First tame was Humar in 07. Back when his was hard to get. People camping him, irregular spawn times. Camped the spot for 30 hours. Love that cat!
Loque was my first rare and the one who gave me the taste for the thrill/frustration of acquiring rares. I thought my 15 hour camp for him was just sooo long lol. If only I'd have known how short that really was! I love rare hunting! I only keep pets if I like them, rare or not, but I love the thrill and fun of the hunt.
The first 'special' pets I tamed were an armored boar in RFK, and later, the armored wolf in Hellfire Ramparts. Later I lucked out and got Skoll and Arcturus in quick succession.
Gondria was my first, it was there the first time i ever went looking for a spirit beast so i assumed it spawned more regularly. Loque however took the longest with Arcturis was a close second. Of MoP rares i have picked up Stompy and rather enjoy his company.
Broken tooth from back in the day.
technically my first rare spawn was Ghostsaber many years ago. I still have him

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