Weekly Yogg 0 mount farm.

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Ty all, no luck this week :(
Thanks all <3.

It will drop.. eventually Q_Q
Attempting 4 runs this week!
Forgot to post last night, No mount this week :<
whats a mimron's head
whats a mimron's head
Something that doesn't exist :(
Mount doesn't exist :(
No yogg tonight sorry all, Bladestorm had to be somewhere else tonight. :)
Sorry for late notice!
roughly 2 hours till start :)
im down for this. I have a 90, 89, and a bunch of 85s both factions. ^_^

***i assume you are are still doing this so if you have room.
30 minutes till run!
no moooooount
2 mounts
2 mounts

Oh, you!
06/09/2013 06:23 AMPosted by Kolzi
2 mounts

Oh, you!

Hai Kolzi, how are you frond
Elegon runs starting next week likely, going to get my hands on an elegon lockout tomorrow.
06/09/2013 06:31 AMPosted by Stacysmum

Oh, you!

Hai Kolzi, how are you frond

Apparantly this game has super hexagon now, so I'm pretty happy!
Mount does not exist. Ty all

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