(A) <Sirens> 10M is recruiting for MoP!

<Sirens> is a level 22 guild that recently transferred to Sargeras for the healthier raiding community and more appropriate time zone. Our raid team got up to 4/8 H DS before losing some core members to real life.

So here we are! The heart of the guild is now rarin' to go into Mists and Tier 14.

Raid Times: Tuesday/Friday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm server time (central). Due to real life scheduling constraints, we stick to a more casual timetable.

We are currently looking for: 1 tank/1 dps, or 2 DPS.

Tanks: Warrior or Paladin

DPS: Warrior/Ret Paladin, Rogue/Kitty Druid

Healers: no current need

If you are interested, either post in this thread, or send an in-game mail/whisper to Sig here, Growlie, or Sylyncer. (To get "Sigtýr" into the mailbox text, highlight my character's name and hit Ctrl + C to copy, then go to the mailbox and hit Ctrl + V to paste.)

I will update this post as appropriate. Looking forward to meeting some new faces!
Updated needs.
Updated with new needs.

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