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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi Guys,

Unity is a new 25 man guild that is forming on Frostmourne Alliance.
We are aiming to become a fun filled but serious 25 man guild that is going to push progression while enjoying the company of 25 raiders who are looking to push the envelope.

We are currently starting up and building our raiding team for raiding in MOP.

All of our leadership has had a large amount of experience in high level raiding from the good ol’ vanilla days all the way through to DS. We have been in a few of the top guilds, as officers or raid leaders.

We are currently looking for similar minded raiders who are willing to put in 110% in all raids to push progression.

Our raid dates are as follows. Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon - 9pm until midnight GMT+8.

We are currently recruiting all classes at this stage, we have a few spots already filled, but as always with a hardcore progression guild, if you can out perform one of our raiders, you can take their spot, even the officers or raid leader.

We are currently in need of,
1 Tank, Non DK.
4 Healers of all classes
12 Mixed DPS, Ranged and melee.

If you are interested or wish to talk about this further, Please add myself on realid, xtehsea@hotmail.com or contact "Vexone" in-game.

Thank you and looking forward to pushing progression with you in Mists of Pandaria.

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