Pony Vendor Recruitment: 25HM & Top End PvP


First let me introduce myself, I am Kalynda; the guild master of <Pony Vendor> - Frostmourne US, a guild that I and my co-leader set up some months ago to usher in our full time return to Warcraft come Mists of Pandaria. Over the course of my previous play sessions I have played in an oceanic #1 guild (Time-Khaz'goroth US), and a number server progression (including first place) guilds (such as Noctis Erus- Amun'Thul US, Civilian-Bonechewer US and Inferus Crux - Khaz'goroth US). In addition to these pve conquests I have taken out Gladiator in 2v2 (season 6) and held other high rated (2400+) 2v2 and 3v3 teams while leading a worldwide rank 3 PvP guild with Slayton (The Whispering Eye – US Bonechewer in season 7).

Given the above, and the Pony Vendor relaunch the remainder of this post will be broken into two subsections; one for the PvE and another for PvP. Please direct yourself to the section of most interest

PLEASE NOTE: You will be expected to transfer to Frostmourne-US (which is a particularly
active server both PvE and PvP wise) within 10 days of being accepted into the guild.


The PvE component of the guild will comprise a full PvE progression raid team (25 man) for a server progression semi-hardcore guild (and ideally based on the team further than that given the raids).

Raids will be 3x4 hour raids; Thursday, Sunday, Monday (and perhaps a Wednesday during progression based on guild input) starting at 8pm AEST and continuing until 12am (midnight) AEST. As fits the aim of the progression team full professions, optimal specs, full raid buffs and 80% attendance (at all times) are expected on progression periods.

In terms of Officers I am looking at a GM council system with myself and my co-leader(who is also a long term raider and partner of mine) taking up main control with a supporting council that will be selected as time goes on based on adequacy for roles (in particular officers in charge of recruitment, guild relations, IT and certain raid roles).

At this stage I am recruiting the following PRIOR to MoP:

1 Main Tank (must have substantial experience in main tanking hard mode content) (spot may be taken but I would gladly take other applications, please note that this position requires 100% attendance)
1 Off Tank (requires very close to 100% attendance)
1-2 Standard tanks (no special requirements)
8-9 Healers (please note that this figure is an expansion of what I actually need as I expect people not to pull their weight and have to be replaced as we progress)
20+ DPS (please note that this figure is an expansion of what I actually need as I expect people not to pull their weight and have to be replaced as we progress)

Requirements for joining for standard members (open to change):
- At least 8/8 N in current raid content
- Some experience in a hard mode raid environment
- Ability to reach max. level within 2 weeks of release (ie maximum level by Oct. 2)


The PvP component of the guild will likely be more relaxed than the PvE side due to the smaller raid set; The point is that you make teams within the guild where possible (or try to assimilate your team mates into the guild) and as such develop the guilds PvP standing in the community. In return have access to the perks of the guild (free repairs, PvE items etc) while still going about your PvP grind. The only exception will be the selective premade RBG teams that will going for a ranked positions which will have a weekly play time that you will be expected to make as befits a serious RBG team.

In terms of PvP recruitment I am recruiting anyone who makes the below cutoffs, however I have particular interest in someone who has past experience leading RBG teams and is confident running teams into the future. The requirements are as below:
- Minimum 2100 rating in one of; 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 or RBG’s since the release of WotLK (ie you have the achievement or statistics to back it up)
- Attain a rating in RBG’s or Arenas greater than or equal to 2000 in order to maintain your position in the guild every season (unless adequate reason for missing this criterion is given).


Applications, as usual are as per the forums on our new website: www.ponyvendor.guildlaunch.com, please follow the intructions in the sticky thread(s) n making your post as this is the sole thing I can judge you on as currnet.

I look forward to reading what you put up and potentially raiding and/or PvPing with you in the coming expansion,

What was your name in Noctis Erus?
....another 25 man Alliance :(
When was Time ever Oceanic #1?
Throughout AQ40 and the start of Naxx40?
and Sevarius was my name in NE
Up you go.

Still searching for more quality recruits in both the PvE and PvP team.

Still looking for more, but places are filling fast!
Up you go!
Ponies are gay.
That hurts my feelings Flamestorm, it also hurts my ponies feelings - I think you need to go and reconsider your oppinions before returning to this thread.

In other news:

We are now likely full on Shadowpriests and Holy Paladins, however we require 2-3 more Tanks, a Druid healer or two and perhaps a shaman healer or two along with a selection of dps.

Exceptional applicants are always recommended to apply.

Keep them flowing in guys!
I have gone away and thought about it and have decided that ponies are indeed awesome and that I love them.

Good old vanilla Khaz Goroth, what a server that was. I was part of The Foreign Legion, our only claim to glory was being ranked 5th on the server in terms of progression when AQ 40 hit.
For someone with so much "PvP experience" you seem to lack that Gladiator achievement.. or even that 2700 achievement for "world rank 3 PvP team".. Not to mention Arena Master or a particularly good win/loss ratio or any kind of RBG history.

Words are good, Achievements are better, Actions are best.

Also, I hate to inform you but because you may have been #1 PvE during Vanilla does not mean you will be as good currently.. Times have changed, You have probably changed and last time i checked raids required more than just yourself. What isn't to say you cant account for the rest of your guild raid group?

A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

Rather than try sell yourself based on previous which at this point are merely claims with no solid evidence, Why don't you build a reputation on your growth and goals or some more recent accomplishments which reflect your guild and not yourself.. After all, People are joining your guild.. Not you.
Hey Riker,

Funnily enough I actually remember you, good times ;)

Remshini posting on a level 73 alt takes great courage, if you want to openly call me out I'd much rather you do it on your main so I know who I am actually talking to.

I never claimed to have 2700, that would be a far inflation of my skill - I peaked at 2562, and fell to 2551 (or 2552 I dont remember) which was good enough to take spot 108/137 on Tharussian-Bloodlust in season 6. The other two Gladiators on the relam were Chartreuse (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thaurissan/Chartreuse/simple) and his human Warlock whose name escapes me - but someone might be able to tell you. Regarding the Gladiator status, I was kicked from team because my partner was a jerk and through the actions of a competing rogue.. its a story full of QQ, if you wanted to test the thesis go and talk to Rogue hero Mercader - I taught him a fair bit about Rogue PvP when he started up his channel (his prior one) and I feature in a few of his videos so he knows the truth of it.

Further, you clearly misread my post: I said Worldwide rank 3 PVP GUILD. There is a substancial differerce.. that being said the team that went on to get rank 1 was in our guild. You can justify that with Slayton if you want, I'm pretty sure hes still contactable via SK Gaming or Retpaladin.com.

I cant account for the rest of my guild raid group. I don't think a guild is as good as its weakest link though, I've been in numerous guilds (and I am sure that a few rank 1 raiders in this forum will attest to it) where there have been 1 or 2 horrific players and they got carried because they were mates. It happens, you might not know it but it does. Regardless, what you say is true for new guilds especially and I do expect a few poor players in my raid team and thats the honesty of it. I've made good players out of the most dismal of dark sparks before and I'll do it again because thats one of the aspects I find fun about the game - inspiring people.

Finally regarding the last paragraph; Its hard to sell a guild when the guild is (in terms of its serious life) 2 weeks old (bar 3 or more Gladiators and a few people from old epic guilds). Selling full clear normal bot in full PvP gear the night before Mists isn't an achievement, especially when it was really a big joke the whole time - the achievements will come in MoP and as such what I've got to go on is the experience of myself and my core. I sell them because I believe in them, and if you dont - thats your call.

In other news bump for new quality recruits primarily PvE side, but I'm taking 2k> in PvP as always!


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