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The Kor'kron Legion

Established by the young and rage-filled Overlord Var'gok the Wrathbringer, <The Kor'kron Legion> was to be a division of the Kor'kron Guard first designed with the intention to fight for the Horde against the Alliance. He envisioned an honorable, elite fighting force who could strike at the Alliance and other Horde foes while also defending Horde settlements across Kalimdor.

Now, leadership of the Kor’kron Legion is headed by battle hardened Death knight, Skullcrusha. Along his side is the wise council of trusted Generals, and the soldiers of the Kor'kron Legion that forge ahead into the unknown future to carry out the continued mission laid down by Var'gok. For honor. For duty. For the Horde. Respect. Honor. Courage. Strength. Loyalty.

The Kor’kron Legion is a division of the Kor’kron that is based out in Kalimdor looking after the military dealings under the Warchief, and Saurfang. The Kor’kron Legion places honor above everything else. The lives of the soldiers are meaningless without it. Willing to die for their beliefs these soldiers place the safety of the Horde, and their people above their own family, friends, and loved ones.

The Kor’kron Legion is a heavy RP/RP-PVP military themed guild. We take the military portion of the guild seriously. We do not tolerate disobedience, childish behavior, lack of respect, and dishonor to the Legions name. You do not have to be a soldier to join in the ranks. We have positions such as cooks, blacksmiths, tailors and alchemists, etc. within the Legion as well to offer all aspects of a military organization.

The core tenets of the Kor'kron Legion. This military unit brings the Horde together to crush the Alliance and secure a better place in the world for the Horde's peoples. Bound by blood, the Kor'kron Legion will show no mercy to their foes while honoring their friends and allies. When not battling for the glory of the Warchief, the Kor'kron Legion does its best to promote the traditions and customs of the Horde.

What do we expect of potential recruits?

- Basic English skills, at least possess a good grasp on grammar and spelling. I'm not perfect, so I don't expect absolute perfection. But I do expect the effort to look good.
- The ability for your character to listen to orders and commands.
- The desire to fight ICly. Pacifists are just not needed in a military-themed RP-PvP guild.
- The maturity to keep IC things IC and not drag it out into OOC unless it's a serious problem.
- Can play well with others and not be a drama queen. We like friendly people who don't cause problems.
- Well versed in lore.
- Orc, trolls, tauren, or goblins, elves of any class. No undead are allowed in. (Elf applicants are to see our guild site as there is a lengthy process in joining in our ranks).
- You must have an RP set of some sort. We're willing to bend this rule for interviews, but it would be nice if you had one put together for our events or random RP.
- To join, you must be level 20+ (65+ for death knights)
- No griefing. Ever. No "counter-griefing" griefers either. Our policy is to ignore them completely and report them.
- Bluntly put, we want the best of the best both ICly and OOCly.

How To Join:

1) Go to our guild site: http://thekorkronlegion.enjin.com/
2) Read over all the threads in the Kor'kron Legion Information board.
3) Submit an application.
4) Once you have submitted an application, send an OOC, in-game mail or whisper to an officer.
5) We will then look it over. If we approve, we'll do an IC interview of your character.

Current recruitment officers: Logarnosh, Suota, Rasomil, Catristine, Cybill.
Mission Statement

<The Kor'kron Legion>, in order to rise to the expectations of our members and RP community, strive to uphold a healthy, welcoming, and closely Warcraft lore based role-play environment in which members may gather to play and RP for enjoyment to the fullest within the context of the guild's theme as a branch of the Horde's elite military.

In addition, we advocate guild members and acquaintances to excel in PvP and good sportsmanship by nourishing a friendly and constructive setting for similarly interested individuals, providing advice, hosting events both purely PvP and RP-PvP; working with cross-faction contacts to execute these purposes, as well offer support in members' PvP goals.

Among our aims is to treat all players of the game with respect and be a well-represented active force within the realm's community and a proponent for RP. With the intent to fulfill this by collaborating with other RP oriented guilds on both sides of the faction divide. We remain dedicated to one fundamental rule: fun first.
Guild Events/Plot Lines

Plot Lines

Chapter Two: As the Mists parted:

With the revelation of the island of Pandaria, the Warchief’s forces have begun to slowly arrive. The Kor’kron legion, one of the many forces sent, had crash landed onto the shores. However, using their wit, skills, strength, and no small amount of luck, they emerged from the vast jungles, golden plains and snowy peaks alive. Whats more, they brought with them knowledge of the land and its people; news that pleased the Warchief. Now, they have been ordered to return, to gather allies and explore the vast continent of Pandaria. All of this is in preparation to brief the invasion fleet when it arrives, and brings war to Pandaria’s shores.

The Kor’kron’s success will bring vast knowledge, and perhaps more for the Horde’s forces. Yet, their foray will not go without notice…

Monthly Events
- Gladiatorial event
- In character battlegrounds
- Honoring the Elements
- Bi-Weekly guild meetings
- Bi weekly training events
- Daily Bg’s with guild members
- Feasts of Honor
- RP/PVP events
- Players Vs Alliance settlements (Rp/PVP event)
- And so much more. . .


High Warlord




Black Blade > Battlesworn > Mystic


The Kor’kron Legion is run by a group of core officers. The Warlords at the top of the core are the leaders of the Legion who make many of the tactical decisions for the elite of the Horde, and see over the finances, and alliances. The Generals who work closely with the Warlord to oversee the Champions, Specialty ranked members, and Recruits.

Working with the new individuals of the Legion, helping them achieve standing within furthering their military career, whether through missions, training, or tactical attacks the Generals dedicate their time to the people in the legion, and to their superiors. Champions are the officers who watch over the division ranks within the Legion, and handle the recruitment of possible members. Each officer runs a specific rank such as;

The Black Blades:
A group of individuals who are tasked with some of the more difficult missions within the Legion. Some parts of the black blades will test at lengths ones honor, resolve, and patience. It is a recon division whose sole purpose is military tactics, gathering valuable information, assassination, and recon work. With many other possibilities this division is one of the Kor’kron’s most valuable strengths in warfare.

The Battlesworn:
The Battlesworn are the berserk fighting force of the Kor’kron. They deliver the decapitating strike to the foe, the final blow that ends all enemies of the Kor'kron. Efficient, ruthless, and strong, few can stand before the Battlesworn caught in the heat of battle. Yet, they are not without honor, fighting with a warriors code; a martial respect for their enemy. Woe betide the fool that stands before them. These band of brothers can usually be found in Axebite hall where they celebrate their victories, and conquests to come.

Inside the rank there will be two different classes. The healing/spiritual/reliquary who will be known as the Augurs. Then there are your offensive casting soldiers who will fall under War Caster. Each part of the Mystics hold the same values and work together very closely. While the rank holds many different classes so does its missions. These are the ones who are in charge of reliquary finds, gathering of Magical essences for warfare, healing supplies, and storage documents, and so much more. With so much potential you never know what will happen next within the rank.

War Caster

Recruit is the rank you are given after swearing an oath to serve the Horde, and Warchief. Though the rank is the lowest it is one of the most important. This is where you give your first impressions to your fellow soldiers, and prove your dedication to hopefully earn the right to face your trial into the specialty ranks. Though the task may seem grueling to accomplish, once completed you will find many paths ahead of you, and inner strengths and bonds from the awaited outcome
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