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Moon Guard
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We welcome the First Elf in the Thread! Please get into the celebration cooking po- I mean celebration hot tub!
We even have carrots for you to eat.
Hey guys I found this paper taped over ours.."Don't look or it gets you." What's that all about? ::fixes our recruitment paper:: All better!
The ritual sacrifice of going to club and giving 20 dollars to Slenderman is apart of Kor'kron Initiation.
Really? I wanna join now >.>
Bump for slaying the evil shark dragons.
Bump for sketchy server.
Bumb for Orcs! Skully, ya know I made this guy for you, right?:P
Yes I do.
Bump for dropping the mana bomb!
Yes! For the Horde!
Lok'tar Ogar! Theramore burns this day!
For the Kor'kron! For the Horde For the War- OHSHI- *The sound of fireballs and ice bolts flying could be heard. Jaina then walks into the thread, looking pissed and insane.*
I'm not sure if any of you have tried it, but I would advise trying to fight Jaina in the scenario.

Nothing will go wrong.

Nothing :3
pass...I know better then to attack a woman and two men at once....not after last time.
Lok'tar Ogar!
Moar tauren in yo thread.


Hi! I am trying to organize a gathering of sunwalkers in the RP community that are interested in developing their sunwalker character and building connections on the server in a large gathering-type event. I would appreciate it greatly if you put out the word to your sunwalker roleplayers as well as any other non-sunwalker characters, tauren or otherwise, who are interested in being there. Always looking for ideas on content that would make it engaging.

If you could refer the interested individuals to the link below, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Lok'Tar Ogar!
Ill let them know Nara!

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