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Moon Guard
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Bump for the Kor'kron!
Hai Stands!
Expect us, Horde loyalists.
Expect you for dinner?
Right now? Right now

Coast bump!
Bump for five days until pandaria.
Skull...we should have a drink together :>
Yes a drink!
*drinks of the Kor'kron* "I enjoy this. What do you call it?"
Skullcrusha: The Kor'kron Legion.
*picks them up and throws them on the ground.* "Another!"
As a child, he crushed skulls. We didn't know what to do with Little Jimmy, so we just let him live with the name "Skullcrusha" That's what his uncle who had a little too many...Elements called him.
Morning Bump!
Good afternoon...
Bump for a gala!

What skull drams about at night when he closes his eyes.
Kami, you're missing the Bilgwater Bay cannon in there. Of course Skull is using it to target and aim at a flock of Shark-a-birds.
CRAP! I did!

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