[H] 8/8 HDS 10man LF Tank and Healers

Guild information:

Name: iGuild
Website: iguildkj.wowstead.com
Faction: Horde
Format: 10 man
Server: Kil’jaeden (PvP/PST)
Progression: 8/8H DS - heroic Madness kill: May 7th, 2012
Contacts: Excowlibur (guild leader, Real ID: murlocmarine@gmail.com), Theyas, Cals, Sapphire
Raid times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:30 – 8:30 PM server

<iGuild> was formed at the birth of Cataclysm and has built up, and maintained, a talented and tight-knit core group. We offer a stable, fair and friendly progressive raiding environment.

iGuild has immediate recruitment needs for the following classes:

* Tank
* Two NON PALADIN healers

If your class is not listed above but you feel that you would be able to benefit our guild, please feel free to contact us or submit an application.

We are looking for people who:

* Are enthusiastic about WoW and like to keep updated about the game on a regular basis
* Have near perfect attendance. Real life takes priority sometimes and we are accommodating as long as you discuss things with us in advance
* Know their class well and continuously strive to improve themselves
* Have good self-awareness and are able to take criticism and act upon it accordingly
* Are punctual for raids (being early is awesome) and to have sufficient knowledge of fight mechanics
* Have a good personality, are dedicated to the guild and willing to lend a helping hand
* Like to participate in wicked banter in Mumble, but will listen to the raid leader, be vocal when necessary
So the hunt is on for a plate tank and two non paladin healers. Show yourselves!
Potentially even a monk :O I forgot they existed....or will exist.
Monks are cool too.
Monks dont have vial
neither do I
yes please
BRB class for 6 hours
Bumpadump, classes were lame today. Currently fixing roomie's computer. Woop
Still recruiting. Lets go.
Tank and non pally healers, we want you~
APPLY yourself.

- Walter White
The suspense is killing me!
I had a cactus plant and it died. It has just occurred to me that I am less nurturing than a desert
^I'll give you a cactus plant that will make you feel like you're at a 1940s train station....Anyway this guild is incredible. I'm well into my third trip into Ohio to hang with guildies for the hell of it. Apply if you feel like connecting yourself to an amazing group of people. I love these guys.
Looking for a couple of non paladin healers for serious MoP progression.
Oh yeah, put your application in our website. It doesn't bite.
Practically half of our raid is in this hotel room right now. It's pretty cool. PHIL AND JOHN, WHERE ARE YOU?
And thus, the weekend comes to a close. Ill be over here with my 20 or so beers.
When you say 20, I believe you mean about 40, because that's certainly what it looked like.

A wonderful tank and a couple of non paladin healers need to get in touch and/or apply, please and thank you.
Resto Shaman would be awesome.

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