Good Rogue+spriest LF MOP RAIDING

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Me and a rogue friend are looking for an ALLIANCE ONLY MoP Raiding guild.
Sat/sun are VERY preferred.
Must already be 8/8H
10/25 doesn't really matter
I have ranked on WoL many times, i theory craft and research my class as best i can.
My rogue friend was an ex-prot pally, and was the main tank when we raided together.
Even though you already have a spriest app with us, we might be able to accomodate your rogue friend if hes good. Add my battletag (Alemenara#1239) or my real-id ( and we'll chat.
added you
Hey mate,

I am recruiting both a ShadowPriest and a Rogue.

Head over to if you want to have a read up on us.

Conversely apps to

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