Achievement Disabling


This is an interesting idea. Much like the XP disable feature, why not have the choice to view the achievement independently vs. as a whole.


This change to account wide achievements sort of pulled the RP part out this RPG (for me personally). In addition for those still left in this game, who have to put themselves in the mood to immerse themselves in a fantasy world, should not feel like the connection between them and their toon has not been amalgamated into a uniform template. In some way the game became a smaller.

This opinion is probably in the minority, but I still felt compelled to continue the discussion.
I have been posting for a week trying to get a disable option for the account wide achievements. You are not alone.
I came here to look at the TGC trading thread and my eyes popped out of my head because I truly thought this issue was an odd-ball issue only I had. Thanks for making this tread and keep up the good work guys as I agree with you 100%.

I actually like the Account-Wide achievements but I think that the system should only display account-wide achievements that were actually earned by multiple toons. I agree that it destroys the RP aspect of the game for me to log on to my level 10 bank alt and see that he has achieved something that he in fact never achieved or helped in achieving.

I'm not a fan of an option to turn the whole system on/off because that seems to binary to me. There are achievements that I do plan on earning across multiple toons. I simply think that the achievement panel should represent the actual truth, not just what could have been true but wasn't.

edit: I'll just add as a way of a possible compromise is maybe the achievement color bar could have a different color. Right now it's blue for account wide achievements but maybe that bar would only stay blue for actual account-wide achievements and but turn green if the account-wide achievements was earned on a single toon.

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