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I laugh at you getting mad at Ziyus and asking him why he made a thread on this forum. I mean HELLO, people make threads here cuz of idiots like you who keep posting on those threads.

Calling me an idiot for posting on a thread twice when you are a third of this thread.

Alllllllllrighty then.


I called idiots those who get mad about the thread and post in here. Unlike them, I never got mad for seeing this this thread. I actually enjoyed it and post because I want moar of this.

Lawlhypocrisy. All you need to do is say <Problem Solved> sucks and is full of Government trolls to see Silvermight spaz out and rage across the thread.


Solution: Leave guild join a new one.

Why even post in forums?

Grab yourself a kleenex clean them tears from under your eyes and move on.
WSB = Good Guild.

Like Jesse Jackson said: "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you"

BTW Ziyus if you need comforting I have soft goblin hands.

Steelheart supports this message!
"Hey Ziyus, why are you mad? You should have kept this in guild. Blah blah blah."

Okay, so why are you posting?

Silve[might] be on to something.
l look at this guy...

1. Who are you?

2. Me laughing at you and your friends on a thread does not mean I am mad

3. I can see <Problem Solved> touched a nerve there.

4. Have we pvp before? I am afraid not, so there's you again opening your mouth and being mad

5. You need to use more CAPS cuz I can barely hear you over the sound of how mad you are.

Ha! There goes the rage, called it!

Cry more. :D
09/18/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Silvermight
like some idiot

Why're you so angry? :D
Keep rage posting.

09/18/2012 07:51 PMPosted by Silvermight

I am actually a very cool individual if you take the time to get to know me. I'm the "I'll mind my business, just make sure you mind your business" type of guy. I haven't had any drama in this game since those old glorious TBC back on Ravenholdt. It just so happens that someone wasn't minding their own business and leaving "well enough" alone. Skillcoil and myself were just posting lyrics in chat and we get our chat privileged removed. I was disgusted by Roxamus' abuse of power because he made it seem as though we were flooding chat which definitely wasn't the case. Plus, he said people were complaining but I saw nothing in guild chat nor in a whisper. We did not receive any indication to stop which led me to believe that Roxamus only took our chat away because he does not like us and the reason being Skill asking for people to link a PVP achievement to join our Premades.

We then logged on alts make a statement and piss him off more since it's apparently easy to do. I whispered Rox and he did not respond so I told him that I was going to post on these boards to get his attention. I would have posted on guild forums but hey, when I logged online after a very lengthy hiatus, I get a guild invite from WSB. I didn't even get a chance to push the N button to check out new talents.

Emerald Dream, I urge you to see past the false persona that some players trying to uphold and recognize them for the fake people that they are.

And even though I'm not a fan of Roxamus, I would not hesitate to kill a couple of alliance players to defend him because we happen to have the same guild tags.

Roxamus, you can count on me to defend you in battle!

TL;DR Version = LOL. I'm trolling but I'm a cool dude. :) Also, I am serious about defending you Roxamus, despite not liking you.

PS: Skillcoil, Taxi Driver!
09/18/2012 06:32 PMPosted by Silvermight
who are you again?

This question always leaves me scratching my head.

You're acting like someone has to be some hot-shot forum go'er to speak to you? lol, That's cute.
09/19/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Manilakota
who are you again?

This question always leaves me scratching my head.

You're acting like someone has to be some hot-shot forum go'er to speak to you? lol, That's cute.

For some, their reputation on the internet is something to be brandished against others like both a badge and a weapon.

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