<Chain Reaction> 12/12 LF Druid or Priest

Area 52
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Good morning Area 52! mmmmm Blueberry waffles.
Here's just a quick bump for a shadow priest!

And Krys, I'm jealous! I only get yogurt for breakfast.
Updated Needs! Come play with us!
Wine and Pj's. The perfect way to spend a Friday night. Oh and reading awesome and funny applications! Bring on the apps.
WTB Druids and Priests. I know you exist out there!
Don't drink and drive....unless you're in a field with cows than KILL THEM ALL!
^ always good advice, except for the part about ruining a good potential steak.
Everyone on the server is looking for boomkins & shadow priests.. QQ
But our warlock candy tastes better!

Oh and yeah, updated needs.
Sparkly dragon gave us loot finally! And yeah would still love to hear from priests and druids.
I might consider sharing some amazing rib tips and mashed potatoes with all druid and priests applicants.
Preraid poking!
And cleared.
WTB Resto/Boomkin Druid and Priest of the shadowy persuasion for indiscriminate slaughter of bad bugs beginning Tuesday.
I demand a motha fligging resto druid and or priest and or warrior so aiber can heal/dps!

I shall bestow upon you gifts of women and pleasurable things like......luffas and bars of soap and stuff
I would love to come if you would take me, need a good core raid guild to be with, msg me or add me in game if u want to talk more
I require all prospects to earn gold in scholomance challenge mode!

I jest, I simply require a donation of .50 a month to help feed starving wolf cubs in some far of place that let's them eat Eskimos
still need a SP?

one problem with this post.........this server was not here in vanilla this server was put online when burning crusade hit now fix your post..................DO IT NOW
*sigh* Fixed. This is what happened when you try to cobble together a guild history with drunken guildies and a half finished wikipedia.

Oh yeah and bump for updated needs.

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