<Chain Reaction> 12/12 LF Druid or Priest

Area 52
Hurricane Party Bump!
Bump for needs. We would love a guardian or resto druid who can show up and perform with a high degree of skill.
^ Yes please!
Talked to you on Real ID. Ill go put an app in now. Ill get some Boomkin logs I guess Sunday and add them. I can definitely Resto/Boom though. I'm getting his gear a lot farther along now, only needs to replace 1-2 items i think.
Bump for trials who stay around!
Oh god, I have started singing on recruitment threads. Someone amazing apply and stop this travesty.
Bump for the continued search for the right druid to fill out our healing team.
Back to the top! Looking for a shadow priest and a rogue.
Apply? Like for a Job? <shudder>
Yes, apply, with logs. Show me your game. Impress me with your grasp of English. Prove you are more than a pretty face and a Lifegrip for my druid.

Although I might consider bribery with Shiraz and cookies.
Need some Stabby Stabby action
Come do heroics with us!
I was invited because I am a pretty face. Don't let that discourage you if you aren't man pretty though!
I have too much blood in my caffeine to be up this early.
We have expanded our offer to include not only heroic kills but cookies, cake and the chance to play with some amazing and funny people.
Mornin' guys! Still need us a rogue if anyones still even playing rogues!
I demand a rogue that can do more than 70k with cleave..........
Back to the top! Would love to have a rogue and a shadow priest to fill out the team.
Still would love to talk to one of those stabby stabby Rogue folks and someone with a mass dispel of the shadowy persuasion.
I strongly desire morning reading material. Need more for heroic raiding.

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