<Chain Reaction> 12/12 LF Druid or Priest

Area 52
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Still looking for awesome people.
Good morning Area 52!
Still have some openings. Looking for awesome people to finish out heroics with us.
Bump for heroic Windlord down.

Considering a tank opening as well. Protection Warrior, Paladins, now if your chance!
Bump bump it up
Edited for clarification. We only have 1 (ONE) opening. We will consider multiple classes, but this spot will close our recruitment once filled. Last chance to come play with the coolest people on the server.

Well except Ebay. I hear he spits on puppies.
Bumpin for sexy area 52 peoples!
To the top with you
Im going to freak out if we dont get a spriest app! OR just a priest in general!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently you freaking worked! Now freak out and get us a rogue (or a hunter who can run a rogue pet).
Back to the top. We have ONE opening and will consider any of the following:

Prot Paladin
Prot Warrior
Guardian Druid
I run the rogue pet. Gimme a rogue who doesn't require me to hold their hand and tell them how to play plox! RIGHT MEOW!
Bump! Entering Throne of Thunder we have ONE opening. Would love to hear from a stellar Protection warrior.
WTB less lag in new zones...or a warrior tank.
Need a warrior tank to take it to the face (and listen to me ramble about the landscaping I play to do this spring).
Poking this one too!
Bumping for 7/12 last night
Bump for an updated listing.
Looking for a kick a$$ Holy Paladin.
Or a Kick A$$ boomkin. Seriously need more lazor chicken pew pew in my raids.

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