Looking to level faster in MoP?

Drunk in Public, a level 25 guild, has open recruitment for social members. While DiP is a dedicated 25 man raiding guild, social membership is available for the casual player.

Benefits for social members within DiP:

~ Guild heirlooms (additional experience while leveling)
~ Increased reputation gains
~ Increased drops from gathering skills
~ Reduced costs of vendor items
~ Increased skill ups from professions
~ Faster mounts
~ A pretty snazzy pink tabard

Requirements for invite:

~ Talking to any member within Drunk in Public
~ Ability to hit accept button when invite is offered.

Note: Some basic rules of decorum will be enforced for all social members. Social membership is considered a privilege not a right. Social membership may be removed as required.
mmmm, tasty social ranks
More room at the bar.
Anybody else want something for nothing?
I do I do!
You know want to join this awesome guild...c'mon!
Leveling your monk? This is the place to be!

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