Destro and Life Tap

During leveling I noticed I had gotten life tap however, it's not in my spell book or on my bars. Has anyone else had this issue? Is life tap no longer a destro spell?
I forget the name of the talent, but you get a passive absolutely insane mana regen in its place. Says right in the ability "replaces life tap". The mana regen is 625% or something like that.
I saw that but why when I levels did I get the you just learned life tap message, must be a bug, thanks for the reply
i believe you still learn them for the other specs in case you ever want to switch to demo or afflic
No and thank god that spell sucks.
As a class skill, you learn Life Tap at level 16. As a spec spell, you learn Chaotic Energy at level 10. Essentially, by the time you learn Life Tap, it's already been replaced for 6 levels.

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