Arms/Prot War lf raiding guild for MoP

I've been playing since early bc. I cleared all content in bc, although KJ was done post nerf. I made my warrior my main wrath and cleared 10/25 naxx, eoe and os with all achievements aside from the immortal and the ones that required less than a full raid. In ulduar I raided in a 10 man guild and cleared all content but yogg 1 light. In ToC 10 I got insanity. I quit raiding icc once the buff hit 15%. I cleared all of 10 man icc and all hard modes but sindragosa and lich king. I also cleared rs on reg. In cata I didn't raid much and focused more on pvp on my paladin since it didn't require as big a time commitment while I was in school. I've still cleared bwd, totfw, BoT, 6/7 FL and 8/8 ds with 2 hard modes.

In MoP i'd prefer to play arms, but i'm comfortable with tanking. I'm fine with a 10 or 25 man guild. My only real requirement is that you don't raid on Tuesdays, Fridays or Saturdays and that you end at a reasonable time (midnight at the latest). Post here with questions or send me in-game mail.
lol, too bad about that no go tuesday, we're really like a DPS war w/ tank OS in <Evocati>
NA is forming a strong 2nd group as we speak and this is something solid. If you want to be surrounded by good players and play at a high level on a casual schedule. We might be what you are looking for.

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