servers down? thurs 5:20pm

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Same thing happening everywhere... at least my computer is messed up.
We're looking into why the realm list is showing red for you all. Thanks for your Tweets & screenshots to let us know.

Blizzard on Twitter.
hunters need more heals. this is bullsh*t :0
my screen disconnects when i try to login all server are red....
blizzard needs to fix this.
same here
Same...all the realms are red to me
there's another thread to this, don't post on this threat, oh shoot, i just did
what the f*ck am i suppose to do now....
They did the matience this morning, plus people are online still, people just can't log IN right now.
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After reading all or these comments I now realize how dumb you are.
It's a 48 hour maintenance. Get over it!!! If you don't read blue sticks your bad. Go outside you basement idiots.

so genious tell me how im on vent with guildees that are in game still
Are you all new?
It is scheduled maintenance !!

Are you new server maintenance isn't till Tuesday ,not Thursday 5:30pm West coast time
Go outside you basement idiots. It's shut down for 48 hours. You don't read sticky ur dumb
Blizzard needs to pay their utility bills on time...or this happens!
Thanks to all who have contacted us about the troubles you’ve been having logging into the game. We are definitely aware of the issues and our Tech teams are busy working on getting things resolved as quickly as possible. Harlsoco over in the Customer Support forum has created a thread which you can keep an eye on for updates.
Getting same issue.All servers red,try to connect to my server and get disconnected.

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