Can't log onto a server

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I can log into my account, but whenever I do, it comes up with the realm selection process for beginning players (Choose what kind of realm, and what region), and I choose and hit continue, it bring up the realm selection screen and it looks like this ( It then disconnects me when I try to log into a realm. Any help?
same problem
09/13/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Blindinlight
same problem

Glad to know it's not only me -- I'm gonna cry if I have to reinstall WoW :P
Friend and I are also having this problem currently.
same here! glad to know its not just me!
Same here. Battlenet is giving me errors too.
same here :(
Same thing happening here.
Yeah. Realm Lists are red. I cannot log into my realm.
I was fine until I logged out to update some addons.
Now I regret logging out.
same here
Same here....realms appears offline
Same here. The entire server list is red.
09/13/2012 05:30 PMPosted by Moonli
Same here....realms appears offline

Except people are online :<
Same here. The server list is all red, It tries too connect then it says disconnected from server.
Same problem here. Went to switch realms and now all are red and getting DC'ed when trying to choose a realm
Same Problem.
ME too. The realm list is all red and when i click on one it just disconnects me. This is so dumb, time wasted= money wasted....
my friend sitting next to me has been logged on so they can play, but i can't because i logged out.

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