Can't log onto a server

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Yup, same here
Same here, anyone know when this will be fixed?
So I'm guessing everyone is having the same problem; that being able to log in, but having to select realm type and whatever but when you try and select your realm, you see all the realms being red. is working for me but not that game. but then i looked at the realm list online and it says they're up. weird.
same here :(
Having the same issue. My husband is online and in game but I can't get in! /cry /withdrawals
Ditto. We have a problem, Houston.
Thank goodness i tought i had been hacked.....again.
Dammmmmmm dis all messed up. fix this please ;C
same... cept my hubby is online next to me what the hell
Exact same issue here... been getting d/c'ed all day tho!
same problem. red server names and then disconnected. :(
Same Problem here.
I was getting mad. I was starting to think it was my stuff, hope they fix it soon
same problem here
09/13/2012 05:33 PMPosted by Rapidslayer
Thank goodness i tought i had been hacked.....again.

Exactly my thoughts prior to all these "same here"s :P
Same issue, my second license under account is currently logged in to the server. Primary account only sees red server names and then is immediately disconnected upon selection.
Same here...
GOTTA LOVE THIS i try logging in to hit 85 on my last class tonight and rip it up on Twin Peaks weekend but.... NOOOOOO Blizzard has another BRAINFART!!! and now i can't play... Thank you Blizzard!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely 7 year vet...
Please halp I want to level my warlock.

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