Herald of the titans question

If I powerlevel a dk to level 80 by next week will I be able to get herald? Or is it I have to do ulduar for a couple weeks get bis and then do it? Methods other people use are appreciated!
I did it with a 219 equipped item level, attained through JP gear, crafted gear (sat in trade a few hours to find a LW with Ulduar patterns), and Icecrown instances. Icecrown dungeons drop 219 on normal and drop 232 on heroic, which makes them a great choice for gearing up armor (on normal) and weapons (on heroic). Find a friend to run you through - with Dragon Soul gear levels, a single 85 can easily muscle through Icecrown heroics.

Another thing you can try, since you're a DK, is organizing a Sarth 3D run on 25 mode, promising not to roll on the mount, to try for this totally amazing trinket http://www.wowhead.com/item=40431
And will this be removed on sep 25th? meaning you cant get it anymore.
I don't think they said anything about it being removed, no reason to.
They haven't given us the one month warning, or any warning, as to it's removal, plus it was attainable all through Cata so assume that it will still be available post 25th September.

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