Horde Disc Priest seeks H MoP raiding guild

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
What I am looking for:
Horde guild (not interested in changing faction)
MoP Raid times*:
NZ time: 7-11pm M-F, 10am-11pm S-S
Sydney time: 5-9pm M-F, 8am-9pm S-S
Perth time: 3pm-7pm M-F, 6am-7pm S-S

I'm looking for a guild that doesn't tolerate slurs or hate speech, at least while raiding.
I'm also looking for a guild that is aiming to down heroic content while it is still current.
Ideally, your server would mostly be populated with people that play at the same time as my preferred raid times above.

What I can offer:
Main spec Disco, Off spec is flexible: I'm shadow now to speed the levelling process, but I prefer to heal at max level.
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting.

I have raiding experience from Classic, Wrath, and Cataclysm. In Cataclysm I downed every boss except Ragnaros (one more week!) on normal before the nerfs, with my current guild. There wasn't much interest in attempting heroics, but I'd like to push myself and see what I'm capable of in a like-minded guild. Please don't dismiss me because I only have a few heroic kills that were all post-nerf. I'm leaving my current guild because they don't raid at a time that suits me - my schedule changed right as the nerfs hit Deathwing. I haven't been able to raid with them since, and I haven't raided at all in at least a month. I still haven't decided what glyphs to run, that is on my to do list!

I'm a quick learner, I have no problem owning my mistakes and I always strive to improve my play. I love healing: I also have a holy paladin, resto druid, and resto shaman at max level (the shaman is 83 because NOONE is queueing for cata regs at the moment) and I'll be rolling a monk when I have a spare moment in Mists. I'm not sure whether I'll transfer any of my alts at this stage. I perform best when I know what is expected of me, am great at following instructions but don't mind helping the leadership out.

When Cata came out I had my priest at 85 within 28 hours. Not close to server first but I was the first horde priest on my server to 85! I plan to take it a little more slowly in Mists but I still expect to be 90 quite soon.

Outside of WoW I'm a professional engineer, I play a lot of other games including board games, and I'm teaching myself to play the sax (the cat and my partner both hate me)!

I'm willing to do whatever it takes to show that I can be a valuable member of your raid team. The above is a summary, if you'd like any more information I'd love to have a chat. Link me to your guild website or application form, find me in game or send me in game mail. I'm also perfectly willing to chat on your website, vent, mumble, in-game via battle-tag whispers.

*For the difference between NZ and Australia daylight savings changes I'm willing to work to whatever the guild's clock is, as I know NZ has super wacky daylight savings dates.

I'm looking to reform and restart a new guild and I thought that your raid times suit. Wednesday + Thursday 6-9PM AEST. We both have high expectations so I thought that we could work something out. If you'd like to talk more then my Battletag is fruitcone#1708
Hello Mittenz JND is looking for a Disc Priest for MoP we are looking to get into raiding asap with the goal of getting to heroic content and progressing. We are on the Frostmourne server and our raid times are Wed/Thursday 8-11pm server. Reply if interested and we can discuss details. :)
Hi Lundemon, Sounds great but unfortunately those raid times are a bit late for me, that would be 10pm-1am my time. The latest I can really go is 9pm sydney time :(

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