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I am trying to log on to Wow. But before I can even load up the launcher, I get a window that says Checking for Updates, and I let it for like about an hour, and nothing loaded up. So I closed the window and tryed doing it again, and nothing. Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this problem? Any help would be greatly appriciated.
Also still having the same problem.
stuck on loggin in to game server
I've even deleted the entire game from my computer, re-downloaded the client and as soon as it downloads and runs the World-of-Warcraft-Setup-EnUS.exe file it pops up with that window saying it's updating setup files... and at that point the green bar goes a little past halfway and never progresses.
Yeah, mine gets like 45% of the way completed, and then just stalls out.
I haven't tryed un-reinstalling WoW, but from others responses it doesn't seem usefull.
Still having this issue, does anyone know how to fix this?

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