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Went to log in and the server names are all in red. version is 5.0.5 (16048) (release x64)

any ideas on how to fix this would be very nice
Same here.
I have the same problem occurring with my macbook.
yeh same, and im running a mac
im gonna try to reboot and see if it fixes problem
Same, apparently players on the PC side support is having the identical issue.
yeah, same here. what's the deal?
I was actually -online- and I got booted from the server. When I tried to log back in, all the realms were red and inaccessible, but still appear to be 'up' as far as the website is concerned.

Oddly, this seems to have happened promptly at 5:30 PDT
Havent been able to get on this evening either. Not sure what is going on.
Same, has been doing this for 3 days now
Yeah, all servers are "Online" but listed with red text, and as soon as you click on one to attempt to connect, it tries to go through the connection sequence and auto disconnects. Blizzard! Would be wonderful to know if this is being looked into!
Same issue here. Rather than bringing me to the character screen, I get a list of the realms I have characters on OR the option to choose a realm & make a new character. All realms don't appear as red per se but if I try to login I get a message saying I've been disconnected from the server.
I am experiencing this issue as well all realms are "online" however in red text.
Same here, would like to know whats going on.
like the fist post so it gets bumped
same for me...realms red, if I select any of them, I get immediate disconnect
This is exactly what is going on for me too. Really irritating.
Having the same issue on my macbook pro.. logged off for a quick minute and by the time i logged back on everything is red!
I'm loving Blizzards rapid response to this, makes me just so happy to be a paying customer (end sarcasm)

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