Jaq vs Cow

You winner is Cow!
It was a hard fought match. With all the people running in on the duel.
Not trolling between either player. Just straight up game. Respect after the match was shown.
They did a second duel. Winner Cow
Good duel between Cow and bustt
You didn't duel my Warlock, you little liar. Come on bro. "Everyone I chose to duel in dalaran"
You have not beat me...........

but yes some good duels tonight. I really liked bustt and cow. Who is next in line for cow now?
You are right, You Beat Everyone. Noob !@# I just roflstomped your $%^.
Herp I herd you were angry failing at herding all those Cowmastr's tonight. EW MAD BRO? :3
Well I just beat Amarokk



you did not beat anyone.. thats why you wont duel me on my blood dk
09/14/2012 06:36 PMPosted by Cowmastr
Because the fight would last forever until someone /yield's. Are you just mad because i beat you on your rogue. So what if I'm prot? I never complained about OMG THAT ROGUE IS SUB QQ. I can still be beaten. Chill out bro. Dont be so angry

you're prot.. and you hardly beat me, get arms are fury and duel. You have a big head posting everyone you beat in prot..
If people start complaining about him being prot now............ I am going to ride my bike

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