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Just carious of which guilds claim certain locations as their base of operations.

I know some of them but my guild will be lifting off soon and I would like an updated sheet with this information.

Devilclaw Outlaws - Darkshire, Duskwood
Guardian Brotherhood - Tha'Darah Overlook,Stonetalon Mt, One Keg, Kun Lai Mt.
Keepers of Stromgarde - Stromgarde, Arathi Highlands
The Pack - Tal'doren, Blackwald, Gilneas
The Seventy Third - Nethergarde Keep, Blasted Lands.
House Blackstone - Stormwind City, Blue Recluse
House Winterborn - Alterac Mountains, Northern Mt Region
Midnight Reveries - Nomadic
Gnometech - Gnomeregan
Clan Battlehammer - Iron Summit, Searing Gorge
Bloodied Ninth -
Kingship of the East - Nomadic
Kinship of the Fallen -
Sentinels of the Blade - Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas
Keepers of Kalidar - Darnassus
Vindicators of the Naaru -
Crimson Skies -
The Order of Ancient Accord -
Blood of Liam - Gilneas
The Allegiance -
Nomadic Vengeance - Nomadic
Anvilmar Brigade - Ironforge, Nomadic
Karma Police - Hidden Location, Hillsbrad Foothills.
Chamber of the shaodin - Nomadic

The Last Guardians - Deadwind Pass/Karazhan

Gor'Watha Warband - Sri-La Village, Jade Forest
Phoenix Highguard - Silvermoon City
The Sunsworn - Silvermoon City
Silvermoon Sisterhood - Ghostlands
Earthspear Clan - Thunderbluff, Mulgore
Gorehowl Warband - Krom'Gar Fortress, Stonetalon Mountains.
Dragonmaw Vanguard - Bloodgulch, Twilight Highlands
Earth Rift Raiders -
Thunderlord Clan -
Tauren Marine Corps - New Taurjo, Krasarang Wilds, Pandaria
Shattered Maul Clan -
Clan Stormfist - Garadar. Nagrand
True Authority - Brill, Tirisfal Glades
Blacktooth Grin Clan - Desolation Hold, Southern Barrens
Merciless Execution - Dread Waste, Pandaria
Gorehammer Clan - Hunter's Hill, Southern Barrens

i'd also like to see this
Devilclaw Outlaws - Alliance - Duskwood

Clan Battlehammer - Alliance - Blackrock Mountain, Ironforge
Alright, do these guilds actually use these places or just say they do and never show up?

I know Devilclaw Outlaws for sure take up Duskwood/Darkshire.

Gor'watha - Raventusk Village in Hinterlands.

The Seventy Third last I checked claimed Nethergarde Keep.

I'm looking for those guilds who you can count on seeing when venturing into said bases. Let's get the guild leaders to respond if possible.
Kingship of the East - Alliance - Feathermoon in Feralas or Aerie Peak, Hinterlands

We've been at Thelsamar for a while now.

Likely shifting with P&P, but don't know where to yet.
I have posted a similar thread on EDrama.

As for the guilds who travel from base to base, ill put them down as travelers with no main base occupied.

Also CONTACT me in game to clear things up.
I know my guild uses the garrison in elwynn forest for several events. Though I haven't been to the events but we have had them there in the past.
WSB's base is the whole of ED. I am sure you along with the rest of ED err I mean WD knew that

Warsong Battalion- True Horde- BASE-ED
Didn't know that Bronkk, Ill make sure to mark that down. < <

Going to contact you Zheke.
(( The Silvermoon Sisterhood can usually be found around the Ghostlands and Eversong Woods. Obviously Silvermoon City, too, but we do have a base in Ghostlands that we use.

The Sisterhood - Making Ghostlands cool since 2012. ))
Sunsworn is based out of Silvermoon city with agents spread out through Mulgore and Lordaeron. But easy enough to just say we are out of SMC.))
Can we get this stickied somehow?
((I have a non sunsworn affiliated cove that i sit and watch ALF and stash my oreos))
Dragonmaw Vanguard operates out of Blood Gulch and Dragonmaw Port (though Dmaw Port has phasing issues so we prefer BG). With MoP release we should have a renewed presence.
(( Are you in the crawl space again, Biooh? ))
(( The Päck tends to hang around The Blackwald which is a forest in Gilneas. Tal'doren is located in the Blackwald which is a great hollowed out tree. The Päck hosts meetings in this place, it is known as the den to them. ))
it is known as the den to them.

And Nym is our Den mother! :D

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