Base of Operation (Role Play Guilds)

Emerald Dream
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The Last Guardians - Duskwood (new guild and thats gonna be our RP zone)
All of Duskwood?

Do you have a base tho?
The temple in the south(karazhan) and the surrounding village/church will be our base, but we will roam Deadwind Pass also
Hmm trying to decide what I want to put down for you.

Deadwind Pass sound good?

Also, your guild name.. haha my guild will be full of guardians :)
Requested for sticky.

Thank you.

More requests please.
Blacktooth Grin Clan will wait until patch 5.1 to relocate to panda land.
Bloodtotem Tribe would like to lay claim to Cliffwalker Post, Stonetalon Mountains.

edit: oh, and a bump!

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