Anime centric social guild recruiting :3

Hello ^.^

I am starting up a social guild that focuses on people of like interest, and that interest being anime and cartoons. The guild name is named <Ceiphied Knights> (props for people who get reference :3)

Any levels are welcome as long as your friendly and willing to contribute to the conversations. Willing to run guildies through instances and do transmog runs whenever request. (We have a few 85s that can easily solo/duo almost all non 85 heroic content)

A little bit about me, I grew up in Southern California (ie anime Mecca of NA) and was exposed to anime at a young age. My first memories of anime is watching subs of dragon ball, yu yu, and Slayers on some obscure international channel. Soon after Toonami kicked off and the launch of Tenchi hit North America (yes I was one of the dweebs who print off Tenchi pictures and use them as folder covers :3). My anime fandom slow grew larger and larger especially with the introduction to Ranma 1/2.

When I hit high school things completely changed. I somehow stumbled upon on to Anime Expo at the age of 14 and became a full fledge otaku watching hundreds and hundreds of anime in a few month time frame. 11 years later I am just as addicted with love for both classic and modern anime titles. My upmost favorite anime of all time is Cross Game, with Slayers being a close second.

If I sound like someone you like to be friends with or you simply want a guild to gush about your favorite anime or cartoon feel free to add my battle tag : Liselsia#1681

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