Mistweaver LF serious raiding guild for mists

Area 52
I'm re-rolling mistweaver, got RaF grantable lvls ready, and have messed around alot in the beta with monk healing, gonna hit it hard first week no sleep till 90!

I'm looking for a serious raiding guild that's going to strive toward realm firsts, if not first pretty damn close.

my available times are tue-thur anytime.
feel free to hit me up in game.

Külaìd / Crânkmyshaft
We would love to talk to you. We currently have a monk healing slot available.
Post an app on the website if interested.

Quick Overview

Server: We are new to Area52 recently moved here in preparation for MoP
Raid Style: 10-player
Raid Schedule: Mon-Thurs (4 days), 9PM-1AM EST
Website: http://www.getloot.net

Past Accomplishments

<Fusion>-US Turalyon <Civilian>- US Bonechewer <CryHavoc>- US Bonechewer
Current Officer Core Pre Wrath Resume:
Vanilla- Cleared up to 4H in Naxx before TBC
TBC- Cleared all Sunwell content pre nerf.
T8: <CryHavoc> world:334 US:131
T9: ToC Mad Skill<Civilian>world: 217 US: 102
T10: ICC Light of Dawn<Fusion> world: 75 US: 22 <Civilian>world:573 US: 186
RS: <Fusion>world: 71 US:15 <Civilian> world:231 US: 74

About Us

Many of our current raiders have been raiding since vanilla. We raided together, and became friends in mainly 3 different guilds. ( <Civilian>-Bonechewer, <Fusion>- Turalyon, and <CryHavoc>-Bonechewer) After raiding together in TBC and WotLK we retired at the launch of Cata. We have since come back to the game and expect to be pushing hard for the top spot on the server. We are a close knit group and would like to find people that mesh well with our current raiders. We push to be as competitive as possible in raid progression, while retaining a positive and respectful environment during our raids and in general. Our tolerance for drama or immaturity is extremely low. We respect our raiders' time and try never to waste it. We maintain the minimum raid roster that we feel we need, generally around 12-13 players. We hold all raiders to the same attendance standards and never recruit anyone as backups or occasional fill-ins, but we do our best to keep it fair and fun, and ensure that nobody gets rotated out excessively.


We're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. Applicants should be drama-free min/maxers who know their class inside-out, keep up with all the latest changes to the game, always bring consumables to raids, have stable computers and Internet connections, and can attend virtually all of our raids without any recurring conflicts (we ask for 90%+ attendance). If interested, go to our website and Post an App in the Applications thread.

Current Needs

This is by no means exclusionary. If you are an exceptional player and feel you have what it takes to push hard on the meters and not stand in bad stuff, feel free to apply. Our officers recruit the player not the toon.

Non plate melee DPSHealers- Monk, Druid, and Shaman especially
just sent you an in-game letter concerning this and with information how to contact me, I have to work the next few days so I'll only be online from 6-8pm ST and 8-11am ST
Chosen Exile is looking for 2 serious raiders for MoP. We are newly transferred and have taken progression very seriously in the past. currently looking for any class/role as we have core raiders who can switch to other toons for group make up. we raid tues/thurs 8:30-11pm est. send me in game mail or get ahold of someone in the group for an interview.
Kulaid is a super nice guy! We would love to have him stay, but he can't make our raid times :( I hope someone else has a home for him!
Get ahold of me in-game my battle tag is ryan#1817
Bump. This is my monk BTW...
Wait are your preferred raid times?

Imminent raids Tues/Wed 7-11 EST with Monday being clean-up/optional 10-man. We would really like to have a Mistweaver to round up the roster for 25-man raiding. We are one of the long-running semi-hardcore 25-man progression guilds on Area-52 and once one of the top 5 on the server. We will be striving to clear new content on the bleeding edge of MoP at a strong and competitive pace, while on relaxed and efficient schedule.

Contact myself, Tavian, or Cyriusblack in game if interested.
Good guy... but lets face it... He's not Nola! ;)

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