[H] LFGuild for MoP Raids

Mission Statement:
I'm looking for a serious raiding guild that has made good progression through Heroics.
I will level a Panda Monk, Tank, named Rumpatump or Tankueray.

My History:
I have a lot of history from Vanilla to BC and fell off for Wrath (Still have history here but I will only provide at the asking) and most of Cataclysm. I played Cataclysm long enough to use the new Resurrection Scroll, Level my Hunter to 85, gear it out and beat down the basic Deathwing.

My Plan:
I will be creating a Panda Monk at release and I fully intend to be a raiding tank. My forte has always been tanking in this game. I have put together 2 full crafting sets (Mining/Smithing and Jewelcrafting) to create minimal time spent doing professions. I have also farmed out Heirlooms to provide myself a bonus 35% EXP gain so that I may more quickly move through the game. I will level to 90 with complete dedication and move directly into Dungeons the minute I reach 90 to gear myself for raids.

Raid Availability:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10:00pm to 1:00am. Friday has no give time.
~Mondays and Wednesdays also have these availabilities.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Personal Engagements
I have work availability every week Sunday, Monday, Wednesday with all day availability.
I go to college Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday morning.
I have a girlfriend that goes to College cities away and visits every few weekends.
These are mostly demands on me that cannot be helped.

Personal Comments:
I have a spotty play history for the last two expansions make it tough to judge my skill. Due to this I'm looking for a guild that needs a tank and has an open mind to myself and what I'm trying to accomplish. I flat out prefer Guilds with players no younger than 18.
If you're worried about the time it will take me to reach 90, I will say that I was only below record times for 1-80 by minutes. I know the Cataclysm update has changed the world a lot and I've setup an entire leveling guide for myself that welcomes and works with the changes created.

Please keep questions and comments simple and bump for me if you support (mostly) Vanilla players getting back into the game :)

<Air> A Day Time Stormreaver 10 man progression guild is currently recruiting for 2 Core groups (both 8/8HMs).

I noticed your schedule and it seems to fit our current raid times. Please visit our website and look over our schedule and recruitment needs. If any of this seems like a good fit, just pst me in game usually on Silmy or Eyecu.

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