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85 Human Warlock

silent legion

All experienced and skilled players are encouraged to apply to be a part of our raiding team!Silent Legion is recruiting competent raid leader and individuals seeking progression for our core team as we start into Mists of Panderia.As a member of the guild you get guild repairs for all your toons (even alts!) We cover flasks, feasts, pots, gems and enchants for our raid teams. Though you should always have your own just in case.Spots will be given to people who:- show up ready to raid (pots/flasks/food/gear enchanted/max professions)- show you are committed to being here- show experience/knowledge in raiding- class knowledge (do you know the ins and outs of your toon)- positive attitude .If you choose not to raid and just want to hang out, you're more then welcome to join!We also raid older content for achievement points and mount runs.We are a drama free guild i intend to keep that way.For more info whisper umbrá or critos which is my alt.Oh i forgot to add where a friendly guild

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