WTB Heroic Rag and DW mounts

I do feel slightly bad about this, but I realy would like those mounts, or at least one of them before they are nerfed to nada.... anywho, I am willing to pay, Just pst me info and lets go from there. I am not willing to spend 100K so if that is your price then I will pass. but we can negotiate, more less just looking for the mounts, not the gear and other stuff :) just pst or message me here
I have seen 50-75K, I am just seeing who is out there is all :)
Agreed -

50-75k is either on dead servers or servers where there is so much competition that people need to drop below the minimum to even think of making a sale.

The final week approaches - People are actually jacking the price up on medium servers (which this counts as - Not too many people selling) because of desperation on the buyers part.
i have seen 70K from alliance on pmoore :)
It was down to like 50k at one point iirc Seraph, but now that its the last few chances it went back up
Send an in game mail to Silchas. We're currently selling the Deathwing mount. I can't remember how much he was asking, so that might be an issue. But yeah, just message him before Thursday of this coming week.

Actually, I'll send him mail as well. That way we can reserve a spot for you if things work out. :)

Nevermind, I r slow. <3
We will definitely sell this to you for a very nice price. Try to contact Crushbreaker, Silchas or Thxyoutoo before or on Thursday and have gold ready.

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