Bulk Loose Gaming 11/16H LF Healer/Boomkin

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

A high quality hunter, rogue or lock app would be particularly welcome.

Still particularly looking for a Hunter, Rogue or Lock.
Bump! <3

- Val
Hi, I'm interested in your guild and will try reaching someone from your guild tonight when I get back from work. I'm looking for a guild that's not pressed for being world first but is serious about bringing good players which sounds a lot like what you're about. I made a post earlier on these forums about myself and what I'm looking for.


I look forward to meeting you!
Bump, updated requirements - looking for a Hunter or DPS Warrior.

All normals out of the way and MV-H almost done, join us in time for heroic progression in HoF and Terrace.

Also, live streaming our raids. Details here -

6/6H, 15 pulls on will
Bump, still looking for a DPS Warrior or Hunter.
Are you still looking for plate dpS?

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