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Hello. I understand that after a few failed log in attempts, your IP will be banned (temporarily) as a security measure. I can assure you that is not the case for me. For the last month or two (maybe longer, i am forgetful) I have been trying to access the Mobile Armory from my IPhone (or log into from my IPhone). I am living in Japan, so i am afraid Blizzard is blocking my phone carriers IPs. I have seen a forum threads with a similar issue, but I cannot find them to post under, so I created a new one.

I am using an IPhone (current OS)
SOFTBANK is my provider.
I am not using WIFI.
I am using 3G.
I am using the most recent Mobile Armor update (MOP one).

Is there anything you can do for me blues? Thanks in advance for your time.
I am also living in Misawa Japan with the same carrier, SoftBank. Not sure how long it's been but I am also getting the too many login attempts error despite that I have always entered the correct information. To make sure ts not my iPhone I am posting this message from my the same iPhone that has Armory installed. So how come I am able to login into the WoW website on it but not the Armory?
I'm in Tokyo on SoftBank as well and can't login to the armory app. Thought it was just me. Did either of you figure it out?
Currently stationed in japan and i've been having the same problem here for at least the past three months. Japanese carrier SOFTBANK. Please support the troops :P Blue attention please :(
Can confirm that it works on my wireless connection through Japanese ISP HeroNet. Not an account issue or app issue.
Please view this post and reply to my comment there:

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