Whos coming back for MoP?

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Has the immient release of a n ew expansion rekindled the old desire to adventure in the world of Azeroth? It will be interesting to see how many people return and if Blizzard will see a significant increase in subscribers depending on the popularity of this expansion? Is this the one that will make this 8 year old MMO new again? Heres hoping! :)
Coming back? You make it sound like I left >.> :P
Every expansion has seen an increase in subscribers and made the game feel new again.
I just came back from SWtOR for MoP. Cata was just getting too boring for me personally. Feel good about helping Bioware get their new game off the ground too.
I'm coming back, but not to play a Kung Fu Panda.

Since RPG is long dead and I don't care to jump back into Drama Raiding I'm just going to enjoy soloing for old times sake.
I left once I had nothing more to do in Wotlk
Came back about 3 weeks ago as i got Cata for a fiver on sale. Forgot about new expansion I was mainly coming back ot check out Cata finally.

Will get MoP I think have not purchased it yet was just waiting to see if there was anything rekindled in me.

Must say its a lot easier than it used to be but I have been enjoying lvling alts in the new world and seeing the cata content for the first time. Also loving Rolling heals in a dungeon and topping the DPS charts as well on my Disc priest haha.
May be back if and when GW2 stops being so much fun, and WOW has that 'new' feel again.

I can do in one night of GW2, what I usually do over a week in WOW. 3 cheers to spontaneous events. :)
Came back during Cataclysm, Still playing :)
I know people who play the pokies, aint nothin better they say.
My prediction is that this will be the least successful xpac yet.
Stopped playing wow a while back with kids being born etc... played a little of Cata, jumped ship to D3.
Trying to make a comeback for MoP, just overwhelming the amount of spells, and depth to the game after D3 slash and bash.
Need to learn all my skills, buttons/icons again.
Funny how playing for 7 years then having a break for nearly a year can make you forget.

Oh well, exciting learning times ahead.

Haven't played since April. Was so bored, it almost killed me and now I'm climbing the walls, waiting for MoP to be delivered. (Didjahearthat, EB Games?)

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