[A] <Anger> 10 man Hardcore raiding MoP

<Anger> is a guild currently reforming on Stormrage. This guild has a long history of end-game raiding spanning multiple games and raid groups. In it's current incarnation, we will be raiding 10 man progressive content on a very hardcore schedule. Our players are extremely experienced in end-game cutting edge content and have raided in all spectrum of progression including top world guilds.

Class Needs
Elemental/Enhance Shaman

*We are in need of a hybrid DPS/healer more than a pure DPS

We are always recruiting exceptional players. Please feel free to fill out an application even if your class is not listed.

Raid Times:
During progression our raid times are from 9:30pm EST - 2:00am EST, 7 days per week.
Our goal is to raid our full schedule as little as possible by clearing all current content as quickly as possible. During non-progression our raid times are greatly reduced to 1-2 nights per week.

Contact Information:
Website: www.AngerGuild.com
RealID: Hellenis@hotmail.com
In-game: Paladinjésus (alt+0233)

Feel free to apply or contact me for more information.
Still looking!!
wtb raiders.
I think what PJ is trying to say, can be really summarized into a picture:


And yes PJ, I used by 7 day MoP pass to post in your recruitment thread. You're welcome!
09/16/2012 06:06 PMPosted by Demoman
Why try again? It's going to inevitably fail.

and which bitter baddy might you be?
if you're not bitter then y so srs?

I wasn't assuming, just making what appears to be a good guess
Here I'm being a good friend by giving you the attention you so desperately seek and all you do is laugh

I rest my case
It's so sad that you would take the time to find these posts, find that video, and then try and troll people. How much did he pay for Firelord? I guess you could say $25 dollars since he had to pay to server transfer. But doesn't everyone? You could then say I paid $55 for Heroic Madness since I server transferred and faction changed. What else would you like to know?
Yeah, it's so sad someone would take time to make fun of people they used to raid with and don't like...

Pretty funny considering the obnoxious vent chatter in the middle of raids between all you core baddies? ALL YOU WOULD DO IS MAKE FUN OF OLD RAIDERS FROM YOUR BAD GUILD. Hypocrite much?

LOL @ making the video private. A little embarrassment never hurt anyone.

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