[A] <Anger> 10 man Hardcore raiding MoP

Yeah, it is sad rofl. You had to spend time to find this. Clearly you can't let things go. Your participation is certainly proof of that (but I'm sure your response will be the same as every other butt hurt troll. "I did it for the lulz")And I'm a hypocrit because people made fun of old raiders in vent? I don't know who you are (mostly cause it seems you're too much of a coward to tell us who you are. My guess would be Dirbz or Hoodfabulous cause those two always seemed pretty butt hurt) but I can guarantee that you've done the same thing at some point in your WoW career. And I only made the video private cause I was asked to. So whatevs.
Why am I getting dragged into this?

The funny thing is no matter which Anger thread it has been, I only find it because when I search my character in armory my name always shows up in these threads.

Maybe you guys are the ones who can't let go, because believe it or not, I couldn't care less about another failed Anger attempt.

Also please stop using my name in these threads because I don't want to see them.
Lulz, I highly doubt you really got dragged into this. Dirbz already showed himself in this thread so I'm sure already knew all about this thread. If Demoman really isn't you, then I'm sorry for mentioning you, but history tells me it wouldn't be much of a surprise if it was you.
I knew of the thread, doesn't mean I actively seek them out. I wouldn't post on a level 5 alt because if I have something to say, I say it.
I did post on my shaman. It was a simple warning of people to avoid the guild.

We had a bad experience in the guild and I want new recruits to be aware. I MUST BE FURIOUS AND UPSET.

If you recall Zance it wasn't Hartz, Hood or myself who were butthurt. I made a valid post on the guild website forum and then the realm forum when my post was deleted from the website. The post explained why we were leaving and why I thought the guild was run poorly. There was no animosity in the post, it was simple and to the point. Sure the flow chart was a quip at the horrible loot system but that was meant in good fun.

PJ was the one who couldn't take criticism, I even asked to be kept in the guild as I was moving on to another character. He removed all my forum access and deleted my post, gkicked me (INSTANTLY) and then report the hell out of my post on the realm forums not only getting it deleted but getting me banned. THAT chain of events shows who was really upset. I have not had an interaction with PJ since I was gkicked. He wasn't even man enough to defend himself.

Thanks for the mention though. It's cute you actually think I give a damn about you. It's also funny you think I would hide behind an alt in order to call out Anger.
I couldn't care less what you think about me, I just don't appreciate people trying troll my former guildes in a public forum. Like I told Hood, if it wasn't you, sorry for the accusation, but again, history tells me it wouldn't have been much of a stretch to say it could have been one of you two. And that flow chart was pretty hilarious. And quite accurate. But it's a game, no point in getting mad about who gets loot.
So both Dirbz and Hood did come troll on alts and try and claim it wasn't their toons lol. This Chrome extension is great!

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