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Calling it now: Garrosh's right hand man Malkorok is Kil'Jaeden the Deceiver in disguise. I've just started reading Tides of War and this is the first thing that struck me.

He did not touch Bain, but the tauren could almost feel the fire of the other's banked rage churning. The gray-skinned orc's eyes glittered, their coldness not tempered the heat of his anger but augmenting it. And Bain felt a prickle of unease. Who was this orc? (Tides of War p. 24) - That was the line that really stuck in my gut, I got the feeling like whoever Malkorok is, we've met him before.

Further assumptions:

Malkorok is missing two fingers. Likely that one represents the Legion's defeat in the War of the Ancients, and the other represents its defeat in The Third War.

Malkorok isn't comfortable with the daylight provided by the harsh sun of Durotar. The given reason is that he's been in Blackrock Mountain for 30~ years, another alternative is that he's been in the dark depths of the Twisting Nether for twenty-five-thousand.

Kil'Jaeden organized and corrupted the original Horde via the same method, by pretending to be an Orc and whispering in the ear of its leader.

The Draenei starting cinematic states that the prophet Velen has foresaw a coming war between shadow and light and Wrathion's quest in Pandaria shows Azeroth with giant meteors crashing into its surface and laying waste to the land - very reminiscent of the Burning Legion's Infernal's preferred method of interstellar travel.

The purpose of Ner'Zhul and the Scourge on Azeroth was originally to soften any opposition the Legion might face and herald their arrival, that threat has been subdued. Starting a war between the resource starved post Cataclysm era factions of Azeroth is a good backup plan.

At the site of the Focusing Iris' theft this is said: "As Kirygosa and the others sniffed the air, they caught the lingering stench of demonic activity..." (Tides of War p9) and to be fair they also found evidence of arcane activity so the fel taint could be generic Horde warlocks.

Now take apart everything I've said bit by bit and point out why I'm wrong. That's what I'd do to you ;) It's just a hunch.
Very very interesting read. No clue if it's accurate (not a massive lore nut) but, hey, nothing wrong with theorising.
Sounds like a case of epileptic trees if you ask me. Sometimes, an evil douchebag of an orc is just an evil douchebag of an orc.
Very doubtful considering we actually see from his perspective at some points and he outlines his own history in thought, especially regarding his talent for 'disappearing' people, which he first found under Rend.
I think it more likely the evil orc is just an evil orc

But, I suppose it's possible Malkorok is under a malevolent influence

Of course, my personal pet theory is Garrosh being corrupted by the bones of Mannoroth
I still think he is a member of Gul'dan, original shadow council.
I would't go so far to say he is Kil'Jaden.

But he's certainly not just being an advisor eiither. When He said all of them are worth watching, Garrosh thought he meant the leaders. But he meant ALL OF THEM-The horde as a whole.

Not to mention the focusing Iris was guarded by the best 5 dragons of the Blue flight-and they were utterly massacred. If this guy was there at any point, I would not be suprised. And if he could take on 5 of the best of the best of the Blue dragon flight, that sounds like more adequate Raid Boss material than Garrosh.

Or I could be reading way too far into this in my mad desperation to slavage what little there may be left of Garrosh. LET ME DREAM DAMNIT.
I think it more likely the evil orc is just an evil orc

But, I suppose it's possible Malkorok is under a malevolent influence

Of course, my personal pet theory is Garrosh being corrupted by the bones of Mannoroth

I think it's equally possible that Garrosh isn't being "corrupted" in any fashion presently, just that he's an easily influenced leader, and Malkorok is the one that's influencing Garrosh to be a huge jerk. I think Christie Golden said it somewhere that, at his core, Garrosh is a weak, easily impressionable, and indecisive leader.
It's really sort of stupid, also, not the sort of thing Golden writes. She did manage to hold off for a bit on the whole Twilight Father thing with Benedictus, but when he finally did get a perspective, it was blown pretty quickly. Malkorok's history isn't just a story created by him, he narrates it internally, and during that internal narration, he doesn't indicate anything more than just being a Blackrock and a jerk.

When he's thinking, or remembering, it's about the good times as a member of the Blackrock clan when he disappeared someone and Rend asked him about it, shrugged, and gave him a grin. Not all the good times as a member of the Blackrock clan which he was secretly infiltrating on behalf of the Burning Legion.
The way I understand it, demons of that power have two ways they can get into Azeroth:

1) Get a super powered portal powered up to insane levels of power levelling. Like the Well of Eternity powered portal. Or the Sunwell powered portal.

2) Enter into Azeroth via a weaker avatar. Let's them get up to no good, but if they die, it really screws them up for a long time.

Seems like coming in with an avatar would be too risky for Kil'Jaeden. Dying while inside a mortal-like body just seems unnecessarily dangerous.
Dread Lord if he is even a demon. I call Dethoroc. We haven't seen him in a while.
Kil'jaeden might be behind it all, but I don't believe that he's Malkorok, especially considering he, as others have said, has internal dialogue suggesting an actual history as a Blackrock orc. Now, it's possibly he is being influenced by a Dreadlord, but that is really just a shot in the dark.

I'm with Aurriastraza. If he's being influenced at all, Garrosh would be corrupted by the bones of Mannoroth and, possibly, the taint of Gorehowl, as it has the blood of Mannoroth on its edge and was, possibly, in the possession of Prince Malchezzar.
While it would certainly suit Kil'jaeden to do something like this, the truth is we got a look inside Malkorok's head in the Tides of War novel and as mentioned above he never gives any indication that he is anything other then a high-ranking Blackrock Orc.

Now it's still possible there is someone pulling the strings to keep the Horde and Alliance fighting each other, but if that's the case then Malkorok is likely a pawn as well.
I like this theory because it's bold and saucy. Sadly as mentioned above, due to internal dialog it's probably wrong.
If our assumptions that the next expansion is, indeed, about the Burning Legion, we must look through history and notice that they, always, have an advance force weaken the various forces of the world.

-In the War of the Ancients, they had Queen Azshara and the Highborne, the very rulers of the Night Elf nation, as their allies.

-Preceeding their invasion in the Third War, they used both the Horde and the Scourge to devastate the Eastern Kingdoms.

-Preceeding Kil'jaeden's failed invasion at the Sunwell, he used the chaotic state of Outland, Illidan's madness, and Kael'thas' lust for power to distract both the Alliance and the Horde.

If the Burning Legion is set to invade in 6.0, we must assume that some of this war is being manipulated by them. Of course, this is only if the BL are next. If Azshara is next, then Garrosh is just a tyrant or he's being manipulated by the Old Gods. I suppose we'll find out at next year's Blizzcon or through the patch cycle.
Did you catch what the felguard said to Garrosh specifically WHILE 'Malkorok' was on the same boat?

The felguard laughed in return, a dark, sinister sound. "Enjoy it while you can", he rumbled.

Like he knew what was going on.

Doesn't mean anything. Have you played a Warlock lately? Most of the warlock 'pets' say stuff like that.
09/14/2012 12:07 PMPosted by Vaedrin
There is also this, but Christie Golden may not have been told what Metzen has planned. I'm not sure the fact we see his PoV is nessecarily proof that he can't be Kil'Jaedin, but it's another mark in the "not" column.

I really don't see why Metzen would tell Christie Golden to introduce Malkorok in her book (assuming Christie didn't originate the character herself), but not bother to mention the most important detail about the character. He'd basically have to blatantly lie to her about who Malkorok was supposed to be, somehow expect Christie to not contradict the inevitable reveal, and then not correct her when she did exactly that.

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