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I recently updated to Mac OSX 10.8.1 - Mountain Lion and since then I could not connect to WOW anymore. It keeps saying:

"Unable to connect. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact technicaly support at: [http://us.blizzard.com/support/index.xml?gameId=11&rootCategoryId=2316]"

I have tried a lot of solutions such as flush DNS, directly connect to the modem, renew DHCP Lease.

Please help !!!!!
Do you have a screenshot of where you are getting this issue.

Also there's several places this comes up. Please describe how you are reproducing this. When is it coming up ? In which program ?
I am also having this issue, but on windows. I was playing wow fine yesterday and can't figure anything out. I tried restarting modem/router then flushing dns, but to no avail.
I started having this problem today as well. The Blizzard launcher takes forever to load (it sits on "initializing for a long time) then when it goes to the main log in screen, I get a long pause, then the error message mentioned above. I am on Mac 10.7.4. Last time I logged on was about 5 days ago and everything worked fine. Very frustrating.

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