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So, what with the clunky playability issues lately, I've been reading lots of forums and this idea percolated up from the depths.

Why not PVP rare spawns? Sort of like mini World Bosses for each faction with some lore basis. The idea being that you'd have people camping zones waiting for these elite faction mobs, either to protect or to kill them. Killing them you conquests or something. And defending giving you that sense of satisfaction.

Or it could be like Gurubashi Arena. You get a zone wide (or even World wide) alert. It could be like "Varian yells: Rise up heroes and remove these villianous orcs from Hammerfall. FOR THE ALLIANCE!" So you know where to go. And there'd be like a 10 minute lull before he appeared with his guards.

The point would be to spur groups of Alliance players to help take the objective, and groups of Horde to defend. Or vice versa. And like CRZ it would be a phased zone where all would be flagged upon entering and receive some form of compensation for participating.

Completely random in nature, so even if say one faction had a heavier prescence at noon, but the next was at midnight when things where even or reversed.


Keep. PvE. Out. Of. PvP.

I love how you can completely misunderstand my whole concept. Coming up with a PVP version. Kicking it off with a PVE character is just a concept. It could just be a blanket announcement of a battle starting at x location in 5 minutes. Whichever side holds the objective at the end gets like bonus honor or conquest or something.

Fishing for ideas, feedback, not trolls. Already got two of those myself.

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