<Troubled Minds> 8/8H 7/7FL LFM MoP

<Troubled Minds> (25) Is now going back to heroic 10 man raiding come Mist of Pandaria. We're making a comeback from about 4 months ago and completely revamping the roster as far as progression into the next expansion. Our roster, and council of officers consist of high ranking server players in gear and parses looking for similar applicants with potential. We're not necessarily looking for 35% clear players, or alts. Our interests at the moment, contain people with Top 300 US Caliber heading straight into heroics 2nd week of T14. We expect 90 in days, as well as pre-raid gear requirements to be fulfilled. You can find me on realID at wubdubwub00@gmail.com or find Datsïk, Ruskö, or Biiron in game,

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