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Hey like title states but to add... LF a rp realm thats good. populated and accepts new ppl to the rp scene.

Ill have a better name of course this guy is so old i have no clue what he has anymore.

so yeah lf rp realm thats pretty cool busy and has events.
Come to WRA and join <The Blackmarket Cartel> we have plenty of events and help new rpers.
The majority of rpers seem to be on Moonguard and Wyrmrest Accord. There is plenty of Cenarion Circle, and if you like pvp try Earthen Ring and Emerald Dream.

If you are new to rp I suggest you check out the stickies at the top of the forums here on doing rp in game. It gives you some insight and basic rules on rping the various races. Remember to research your chosen race and do not make your character extremely powerful (Mary Sue) or so unique you fall into the "special snowflake" trap.
cool thanks for the tips.

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