Shadow Priest rotation for MOP (Need help)

I haven't played WOW for 8 months and I just got back on so I'm so new to MOP style of new talent tree, big changes for shadow priest which most of you guys already know that. I couldn't figure out the RIGHT rotation for shadow priest when it comes to dungeon or raid. I wanted to be prepared.

I was wondering if you guys can give me the right rotation for it. Thanks!
There is not set rotation, only spell priority.

My spell priority is:

VT => SW:P => MB => MF

and cast DP and Mind Bender/Shadowfiend as soon as it comes on line.

Others will have a more complex or refined spell priority but I like to keep it simple.

SW:P could come before VT but the important thing is that both DoTs are always up.
The simple version:
DP with 3 orbs
MS with SoD proc
I'd argue that MB comes first since DP is such a huge part of our rotation now.

Here's roughly what I use:

MB -> SW: P -> VT -> MS (if FDCL chosen) -> Mind Flay

I choose SWP first before VT because it has an up-front portion and it can proc Divine Insight.

I don't believe it's important when DP is cast as long as you don't waste any shadow orbs by delaying, but I don't have any math to back this up. SW:I complicates the rotation enough where I don't think I'll ever use it or bother trying it out.

For 90 talents I'm probably going with Divine Star because its cooldown is shortest and it has the potential to hit one target twice; unless one of the other two talents is a lot better for a given encounter. Again, I have no math to back up this decision.
May I ask what is MS? Mind Sear?

Also I noticed we can't use SP:D when health is below 20% which that sucks big time.
Also what is SoD proc? I'm behind with news. Sorry to ask
09/14/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Vindicaa
MS is Mind Spike

SoD = Surge of Darkness: the proc that doesn't wipe your DoTs when you Spike. From the FDCL talent.

Read Woaden's guide for moar infoz.

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