BlacksadUI Pro version MOP!!

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Should be here soon everyone, are you excited?!!

Maybe Mr. Blacksad will jump on here and post some sweet screenies for preview =)

Hey! I'm almost done, finishing setting it up for export. Issue I'm having is I have two accounts, and it's pulling data from two WTF folders somehow. When I try to combine certain things, it just doesn't work, or recognize combining them.

So, trying to figure out how to combine them without wrecking everything and redoing it all. lol

Should be done very soon though.
hopefully i can stop using realui soon
You will Dubstep person guy once the BlacksadUI Pro v. MOP is out. Only the best thing to happen to wow since the creation of Rogue!
09/15/2012 08:54 AMPosted by Aedrik
Only the best thing to happen to wow since the creation of Rogue!

False, that would be me.
Only the best thing to happen to wow since the creation of Rogue!

False, that would be me.


Who was it that first mentioned how good Mastery is in MoP?

*Distinguished and intellectual pose*

*While holding a martini glass*
Mkay, think I got everything working, for the most part. lol What a pain. I have no doubt there are issues, but let me know what they are and I can figure out solutions.

The PvP major Buff/Debuff timer shows to the right of target frame. Icon with time remaining on it, and plays a small sound to alert you. Pretty much any Major Defensive/Offensive CD you'll need to know about your target.

(Example: Evasion on myself)

Tidyplates is set up so you can see your relevant PvP Debuffs on nameplates, even if you aren't targeting them currently. CS, KS, Blind, Garrote, Dismantle, Gouge, Hemo Dot, etc. Tracks on multiple units.

(Example: Blind)

Examples of the animated frames for Shadow Dance and Vendetta (there's one for AR also):

There are hidden frames which appear on mouseover for Poisons, Mount/Professions tab, and MicroMenu.
Example: Mount/Profession)

The person who downloads this has to unpack everything using an application which can unzip folders (Winzip, etc.), and then put all the folders in his / her World of Warcraft folder.

If you have settings for the same addons already, it will ask you if you want to save or overwrite them. Choose overwrite all, unless you have very specific setting for an addon you want to save.

And the last thing : When you download this, edit the folders to rename them from the generic "Account", "Server", "Character" to your actual accountname - the same goes for the server- and characternames. Do this first, before you even load up the game. Otherwise, the settings for everything will not take, and you may have to do it over to get everything working properly.

Upon entering game, type: /reflux switch BlkUI(case sensitive, like everything else)


New Additions:

WeakAuras is now the default Combo Point display. Is also set up for Blade Flurry tracking, as well as there being a alert for Execute Phase via Aura/Sound for when to use Dispatch.

There are fun animations on your unit frame for major cooldowns: Adrenaline Rush, Vendetta, and Shadow Dance.

The legendary dagger stacks/proc auras are already included.

Added in PvP warnings for all major target buff/debuff timers, which appear to the right of the target frame. It will display the icon, a small warning sound, and the time of the buff/debuff remaining.

KgPanels replaced SunnArt for a much cleaner look. In addition, there are now nice hidden KGpanel frames for Poisons, MicroMenu, and a Mount/Profession tab which are visible on mouseover.

Fortexorcist replaced Rogue Power Bars. All new cooldowns, even ones not available until 90, have been added in for tracking, along with things like Blindside. Shows bleed ticks also, for optimal bleed refresh time.
The cooldown line in Forte replaced Sexycooldown, as the author no longer keeps it updated, and it's more efficient to use one addon for both.

Vuhdo is now the Raid and Party frames. You can tricks on the Raid Frames via left click, and focus target via right click.


Pitbull seems to not like retaining some settings. You may have to manually go into it (/pitbull), and click off Aura and Castbar tracking.

Sexymap doesn't seem to want to load properly. You can do this manually through /sexymap.

VuDho has a widget which seems to want to turn on regardless of what I do. You can simply turn this off through /vudho opt

I included Reflux because it makes profiles for addons which do not have profiles, such as Recount to save settings/appearance.

Do NOT do any commands for this addon besides that which I listed. It can, and will, destroy every single setting for your addons if you don't know what you're doing. Once you have this set up, I suggest you disable/remove this addon unless you're familiar with it.
Cannot wait! Only 7 more hrs @work before this gets put to use.

Thank you sir!

Rogues if you want an awesome minimalist UI check it out :)
Looks gorgeous. Now to see if my !@#$ty comp can still run WoW while having this attached to it lol.
09/16/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Mirotic
Rarely are these found in the wild!

Agreed. I'm not much for the stock UI and I have bounced between the usual Tuk/Elv UI's and attempted a few addon comp packs to build my own but they don't ever seem to come together how I like. Blacksad was nice enough to share his last UI with me and then the world and I really like the way it flows. Doesn't clutter the screen like that junky LUI and gives some really cool options for tracking things in game during combat with the time he puts into custom weak aura stuff etc.
I feel like a horibad but I can't get it to work.

I've never been much of an addon user so I can't figure out where to put the folders and what names and such.
I'm having issues too. The folders that need renaming were "Account", "Account Name", "Server Name", and "Character Name" correct?

If so what is the difference between Account and Account Name?
Seems like Account would be the And Account Name would be WoW1-2-3-etc, yes? no?

Also I'm used to putting addons into the interface\addons folder. Is this going directly into the World of Warcraft folder and not into those sub-folders?

Additional little QoL thing: If I wanted to use this on multiple characters should I just copy the contents of the "Character Name" folder and rename it for the other character?
Account you leave as account. Account name is where you label the name of the account you are playing on. Example would be if you have 2 accts on your bnet say labeled wow1 and wow2 then you change Account name to the one your Rogue is under.

Then from there you change the server to your server and character to the name of your character. These need to replace the ones in your WTF folder.

For multi characters yes just copy the charactername folder and paste back in then rename it.

edit: also make sure to delete w/e you have in your cache folder so you don't end up with conflicting settings issues.
09/16/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Aedrik
Account you leave as account.

Ah HA!
These need to replace the ones in your WTF folder.

Ah what about the interface folder do I replace the current interface folder with that one?
09/16/2012 10:41 AMPosted by Kiljagen
Ah what about the interface folder do I replace the current interface folder with that one?

Too complicated and too much time needed to put into arranging my UI. Dont get me wrong its really nice looking but i think im going to stick with LUI.
@Sícarius - you sir are a real masochist! I can understand not wanting to do the set up of a new UI but to use the overly cluttered and gaudy LUI is just... I'm sorry :(

At the very least if going for an all pre configured setup I would think Tukui or Elvui would be a much more enjoyable experience for you.
Wait... so exactly what am I putting my BLkUI folder in?

Do I just take the interface and WTF folder out of it and replace the ones I have in my current WoW folder?

Or do I keep them in the BlkUI folder and put it inside my WoW folder then delete my interface.

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