MoP Prot Gear Guide


With MoP coming up many of us tanks are now worried about what gear will you need to enter heroics/LFR/Raids/ect. In order to reduce the strain on you i compiled this handy dandy gear guide!

In it i tried to list all gear that i believe you will be interested in from item level 450-500. In it i have listed all gear that contains any of the following tank stats:


NOTE that i included some haste and crit items. Currently Haste is a WEAK tanking stat. So getting a piece of gear with Haste on it can be a nice booby prize for a tank who just cant get that tanking item to drop. So any time haste shows with any of the above stats i included it. Crit is nearly worthless, but can be reforged. As such only crit items with mastery are included. Once again consider them carefully and dont roll on them over a str based dps.

PLEASE do NOT take this to mean its okay to roll on a piece of haste or crit gear over a RET pally. Its not. But if no one needs it, haste items can be a decent upgrade for a tank and mastery even with crit is amazing.

I also am only listing raid items at the LFR level. Realize there are Normal raid, and heroic raid versions of these items.

First three posts are by Armor Slot.

Helms/shoulders/chests/wrists/gloves/ and waists in this first post!
Legs/boots/capes/Shields/weapons/necks/and rings-
Crafted item-
Reputation items-
Quests items-
Dungeons/Raids/World Bosses/BoEs-
PVP Gear (coming soon) -
Item enhancements/links/conclusion-

Quick run down of the item level dropping from the following sources:

Item Level Chart
Content/ item level range
Looking For Raid 476-483
Heroic raid-502-509
Protector Kaolan-503 norm 516 heroic
Heroic 5man-463 (rare)/476 (epic from final boss)
Normal 5mans 450 and below












Malevolent Gladiator's Shield Wall-Conquest Vendor







  • Living Steel from Alchemy. You can transmute it once a day using 6 Trillium Bars or multiple times using 3 Trillium Bar and 3 Spirit of Harmony.
  • Spirit of Harmony is formed from 10 Mote of Harmony dropped by random mobs.
  • Trillium Bar is formed from forging 2 Black Trillium Ore+2 White Trillium Ore OR from transmuting 10 Ghost Iron Bar.
  • 2 High-Explosive Gunpowder is made from 1 Ghost Iron Bar
  • Ghost Iron Bar comes from smelting/forging 2 Ghost Iron Ore.
  • Blood Spirit is the Choas/Frozen orb of MoP.
  • Jeweler's Setting can be bought from a Jewelcrafting vendor.
  • Prismatic Scale can be found skinning various mobs.
  • Windwool Cloth is the cloth for the new expansion
  • Ghost Iron Bolts is made from 3 Ghost Iron Bar
  • River's Heart is transmuted by Lapis Lazuli+ Golden Lotus
  • Serpent's Eye is made from combining 10 Sparkling Shard
  • Wild Jade is transmuted from Alexandrite+ Golden Lotus
  • Kyparite-type of ore
  • Sunstone, Alexandrite, and Golden Lotus are common gems from prospecting

    Golden Lotus

      You have to reach revered with this faction before you can start doing quests for the August Celestials or the Shado-Pan. The quest to unlock this faction is called Temple of the White Tiger and requires level 87. It can start many places. According to wowhead comments this includes Wang Chung an npc next to the entrance to the Temple of the White Tiger.

      Starting Quest:
      Quartermaster: Jaluu the Generous (neutral) in Vale of Eternal Blossoms (74.2, 42.6)

      Serrated Forearm Guards-Reputation-Golden Lotus-HONORED-1250 Justice Points
      Gorget of Usurped Kings-Reputation-Golden Lotus-HONORED-1250 Justice Points
      Mogu Rune of Paralysis-Reputation-Golden Lotus-HONORED-1750 Justice Points
      Shoulders of Autumnlight-Reputation-Golden Lotus-REVERED-1750 Valor Points
      Dawnblade's Chestguard-Reputation-Golden Lotus-REVERED-2250 Valor Points
      Cuirass of the Twin Monoliths-Reputation-Golden Lotus-REVERED-2250 Valor Points
      Alani's Inflexible Ring-Reputation-Golden Lotus-REVERED-1250 Valor Points

    The August Celestials

      This faction only opens up when you are revered with the Golden Lotus.

      Quartermasters:Sage Whiteheart (A) in Shrine of Seven Stars (84.6, 63.6) and and Sage Lotusbloom (H) in the Shrine of Two Moons (62.6, 23.2) . Both locations are in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

      Ribcracker's Cloak-Reputation-The August Celestials-HONORED-1250 justice points
      Cloak of the Silent Mountain-Reputation-The August Celestials-HONORED-1250 justice points
      Leggings of Ponderous Advance-Reputation- The August Celestials-HONORED-2250 justice points
      Battle Shadow Bracers-Reputation-The August Celestials-REVERED-1250 valor points
      Yu'lon Guardian Boots-Reputation-The August Celestials-REVERED-1750 valor points
      Ret Legs that could be used for tanking, has crit though:
      Leggings of Ponderous Advance-Reputation-The August Celestials-HONORED- 2250 justice points



    The Black Prince

      Quests begin at 90. Brewmaster Tsu will give you the quest Stranger in a Strange Land. Head to the Veiled Stair (54.6, 72.6) and turn it in to Wrathion <The Black Prince>. Then do the quest A Legend in the Making and then he will give you the quest Trial of the Black Prince to get to honored. You have to kill raid mobs and Mantids and Mogus in Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes to obtain rep till then.

      At which point the Black Prince will give you the quest The Strength of One's Foes. You will have to collect 10 Sigil of Power and 10 Sigil of Wisdom. After this is the Raid quest Fear Itself . Finally you get the quest Breath of the Black Prince where you get your legendary gems for your Kilrak, Jaws of Terror. No stamina or mastery options. Only Intell, Agility, and Strength. Since Strength is 93% as good as parry this is the one you want...yeah we got shafted.

    Crystallized Terror-Quest-
    Breath of the Black Prince-Requires Kilrak, Jaws of Terror+hydraulic gem Crystallized Terror

    Justice Quartermaster-Commander Lo Ping (neutral) in the Townlong Steppes(38, 64.4).
    Valor Quartermaster-Commander Oxheart (neutral) in the Townlong Steppes (38, 64.4).

    Having not been in Beta I can not confirm some quest chains. When that info becomes available i will try and update this guide.

    Temple Guardian Helm-The Sha of Hatred-quest-
    Start of quest chain-Lao-Chin and Serevex
    Giver of quest chain start-Taran Zhu (54.0, 77.8) in Townlong Steppes.
    Level Required-88

    Bladesworn Shoulders-The Mariner's Revenge-quest-
    Quest Chain Start-Undetermined. May not have one.
    Quest Giver-Captain "Soggy" Su-Dao (55.6, 72.4) in Dread Wastes
    Level Required-89

    Temple Guardian Chestpiece-The Point of No Return-quest-
    Quest Chain Start-The Point of No Return
    Quest Chain Start Giver-Ban Bearheart (82.6, 73.2) in Townlong Steppes.
    Level Required-89

    Durable Plate of the Golden Lotus-Battle Axe of the Thunder King-quest-
    Requires REVERED with the Golden Lotus
    Quest Chain Start-Battle Spear of the Thunder King
    Quest Chain Giver-Zhi the Harmonious (56.8, 43.4) in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

    Bladesworn Girdle and Coldbite Girdle-Overthrone-Quest-
    Probably requires an unknown amount of Rep with the Klaxxi
    Quest Chain Start-Unknown. Will probably require Rep with the Klaxxi
    Quest Giver- Klaxxi'va Ik (54.6, 34.8) in the Dread Wastes

    Bladesworn Warboots-Fires and Fears of Old-quest-
    Quest Chain Start-Kypari Zar
    Quest Chain Start giver-Klaxxi Warrior in the Dread Wastes
    Requires Level 89
    May require Opening the Klaxxi (see rep section)

    Mindfire Sollerets-and Angerforged Stompers-/-Quest-
    Quest is started by a drop by the Sha of Anger (world boss) in Kun-Lai Summit.

    Maki's Mashing Mace-The Arena of Annihilation-Quest-
    Quest Giver-Gurgthock (47.0, 20.0) in Kun-Lai Summit.
    Requires Level 90

    Durable Necklace of the Golden Lotus and Ferocious Necklace of the Golden Lotus-The Final Power-Quest-
    Quest Chain Start-The Might of Three
    Quest Chain Start Giver-Sun Tenderheart (56.4, 43.6) in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
    Requires level 90.

    Seal of the Unscathed and Seal of the Bloodseeker-Shadow of the Empire-Quest-
    Quest Chain Start=The Empress' Gambit
    Quest Chain Start Giver-Malik the Unscathed (55.0, 34.2) in the Dread Wastes
    May Require Klaxxi rep/Opening Klaxxi Rep (see Rep section)

    Zen Alchemist Stone-Strange Spherical Stone-Quest-ALCHEMY ONLY-
    Quest started by a random drop
  • To get this you need 500 alchemy and a Strange Spherical Stone will drop from one of several random mobs in The Jade Forest, The Valley of the Four Winds, and Krasarang Wilds. This starts the Quest Strange Spherical Stone. Use 3 Golden Lotus and turn in the quest for the trinket.
  • .

    Relic of Niuzao-Darkmoon Ox Deck-Quest-
    Started by Ox Deck
    Items needed to make Ox Deck-Ace through Eight of Oxen Cards: Ace of Oxen
    Requires Darkmoon Fair to turn in.

    Relic of Xuen-Darkmoon Ox Deck-Quest-
    Started by Ox Deck
    Items needed to make Ox Deck-Ace through Eight of Oxen Cards: Ace of Oxen
    Requires Darkmoon Fair to turn in.



    World Bosses


    Bind on Equipped
    Special thanks to Loliinacan for bringing up PVP items!

    Honor Quartermasters

      Alliance- Hayden Christopen (12.2, 34.2) in Valley of the Four Winds.
      Horde- Lok'nor Bloodfist (35.4, 83.4) in Kun-Lai Summit.

    Conquest Quartermasters

      Alliance- Lucan Malory (12.2, 34.2) in Valley of the Four Winds.
      Horde- Doris Chiltonius (35.4, 83.4) in Kun-Lai Summit.



    Enchantments, armor kits, inscriptions and Belt buckles! OH MY!

  • Prot Pally Guide: Protect the Pandas:
  • My Prot Transition guide:
  • Avoidance, diminishing returns, and block:
  • Tank movement
  • The old prot pally guide by Xayton!
  • Maintankadin forums-THE Prot pally theorycrafting site:
  • So you just hit 85? A starter tank gear guide-Guide that inspired this one:

    In conclusion I hope this guide proves useful to you and helps you in your adventures in Mists of Pandaria! Whether you use it to get ready for 5man heroics, raids, or just to solo old content i hope this helps you have a great start in Pandaria!
    bumping this and requesting sticky ;)
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    Ret version now. Kthx.

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    Next up the dungeon and raid section!

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    09/15/2012 08:52 PMPosted by Svayne
    Ret version now. Kthx.

    Sorry this guide was WAY more work than i thought. Im too worn out to do a ret version. Maybe Kaite will?
    Sorry this guide was WAY more work than i thought. Im too worn out to do a ret version. Maybe Kaite will?
    Copy, paste. Switch "Here's some DPS gear; DO NOT roll against DPS, reforge it." gear with the prescribed tanking gear, done.

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