MoP Prot Gear Guide

Any reason why you didn't include pvp gear? Some of the pieces (helm, cloak, ring), are very good and will be best in slot until Heart of Fear comes out. I can get item links for them if you need.
I was trying for a PVE gear guide so i didnt even bother looking at pvp gear. I was thinking of pvp stats as a waste in pve. But I do have 2 reserves left so i could add those in if you want.
With the changes to pvp gear, the pvp only stats don't use any of the item budget.

Take Dreadful Gladiator's Scaled Helm for example. Very good item especially since there are no epic helms until HoF/ToES.
Cool adding them give me a bit okay?

And THANK YOU for bringing that to my attention =D
Take your time. This guide is amazing, and will definitely help me and others out. Looks like it was quite the undertaking.
And done.

Thank you again!

Also adding the PVP items made me aware of another Stealth change i need to make. Ill be doing that in a moment >.>
how is this not stickied yet?

bump :p
Sorry this guide was WAY more work than i thought. Im too worn out to do a ret version. Maybe Kaite will?

Not likely. =( I don't care about ret enough to do one for it. Sorry rets! Maybe... maybe later. >.>

Oh, and sticky requested already. Yay.
Bumping for MoP!
Bump for all those pallies hitting 90
The most useful part of the guide for me was what comes from what reputation. Thanks!
Great guide. Requested sticky.
If tanks are looking for the crafted 350 gear I can make the Helm, Chest, Shoulders, Pants and Gloves. Just hit me up. Also can do your enchants!

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