Trying to troubleshoot.

Website Bug Report
Looking for someone to help me troubleshoot an issue with the support site.

If you click on the support drop down menu from the top where it says
Welcome, | Logout | Account | Support | Explore

Select your support tickets.

Select submit a ticket.

Select a game of product: choose World of Warcraft

Leave the default selection of "Use a few words to summarize your issue"
In the field just type in "Name" (no quotes) and select Next.

Scroll down past the faq to select "Continue to Ticket Creation"

After that please let me know if you receive an error.
You'll want to post this on the website bug report forum, Navox :)

Yeah I got an error too. Seems anything containing "Name" trys to bring up FAQ topics containing "Name" eg Name changes , name violations etc etc.

Clicking "Continue to Ticket Creation" results in error.

Fresh login too.

Might want to log something in Website Bug Reports forum.
Mizani & Bluespacecow, thank you for working with me, much appreciated!

Kind regards.

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