[A] LFM Challenge Modes *GOLD*

*This thread is directed at people who are willing to spend a large percentage of their time early MoP working at achieving Gold rating in ALL challenge Modes*

MoP is only a week and a half away and i'm sure there is tons of you who will be zerging your way through at the start of the xpac, I think now is the perfect time to make a thread and start to find contacts who have similar goals.

Will challenge modes be cross realm?

Hi there, i'm looking at going hardcore early MoP to knock out all HEROICS and then challenge modes and i'm seeking similar minded people to do the same.

Please post on the toon you will wish to bring at level 90 and;

Spec: Elemental/Resto
Battletag/Real ID: emph#1942
How soon after MoP release are you wanting to knock these out?: As soon as i hit level 90 I want to have a group of people and work at these until they're all done.
Are you PvE experienced?: Yes
Willing to use voice communication: Yes

- Emph
Sent you real ID. I did all dungeons on beta and I have some ideas for this

Spec: afflct/demo
Rid: ernest.feret86@hotmail.com
Gonna want to do these as soon as I lvl to 90 which will be on the first day of MoP release
Have vent, mumble and teamspeak.
yoo, you still down for this?
Hey, Yes i'm down for this BUT reading MMO-Champion today stated;

Challenge Modes will require you to be on the same server as other players. (This conflicts with Ghostcrawler's tweet)

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