PvP List for MoP

Burning Legion
I figured since I haven't seen one of these in a long time on these forums I'd make one.

Looking for all the people left on this realm who PvP. Anyone who's been over 1800 rating in 2s, 3s, 5s, or even RBGs, feel free to post here with the class and spec you're willing to play. Hopefully there's something left on Burning Legion.


-Death Knight-
Undèfined - 2100+ Arena

Oakpaw - Resto/Boomkin - 2100+ Arena | 2.2k+ Rbgs
Fleurs - Resto - 2100 Arena

Shootafoo - MM/BM -2100+ Arena | 1800+ Rbgs
Hatemane - Beast Master Hunter



Flayz - Shadow - 2600+ Arena | 2.2k+ Rbgs
Reast - Spriest - 2600 arena (when?)


Kudaj - 2200+ Arena
Havocx - 2200+ Arena

Locamoca - Enhance - 2200+ Arena
Minnetonka - Resto/Ele - 2600+ Arena
Mokko - Resto/Ele - 2200+ Arena
Slashtwo - Resto - 2200+ Arena
Sensations - Rsham - 2200 arena

Spatter - Prot/Arms Warrior (Primarily geared for Flag Carrying)

Carefulyodo - Afflic/Demo - 2k+ Arena
Flatlinéd - Destruction Warlock


-Death Knight-

Lilbubheelz - 2100+ Arena

Esandies - 2400+ Arena

Sadar - 2200+ Arena
Ultimaege - 2400+ Arena (I dont know how to do your stupid ae crap)
Rhalevan - 2400+ Arena (Sure idk he kills !@#$)
Altimaege - 2400+ Arena (Alt)

Absolutely - Mistweaver - 2000+ Arena | 2300+ Rbgs

Desertpea - 2400+ Arena
Dye - 2196 Alelelelele

Namau - 2200+ Alt or some !@#$

Jaron - 2400+ Arena (Carried even harder)
Jaronjr - Green gear dont play with him

Annular - 2400+ Arena



This thread can be used for war games too, anything related to PvP, feel free to post. Also, if your rating is wrong please tell me so, these are just the players that I know so far.
Rogue 2100+ arena
Resto Druid 2100+ arena

Only really interested in doing RBG's
Should probably post the char names in case someone wanted to contact you, but sure, added.
Should make an ally list too =P
2100+ arena
2500 rbg
Resto / balance 1800 Arena 2000 Rbg
If your adding ally to the list then put me down =x gonna get to leveling that warrior
playin a dk this time around<3
2200 in 3s/rbgs
will do rbgs or arena
could FC if needed as well
i guess ill play.... let me just get MoP first...
Got a list for you of some guildies:

< 2k+ resto/feral, also have a priest that was 2190 as disc (arenas, named Espoir)
Holidays - (disc priest) @ 2600 arena and I think... ~2200 rbgs
Sensations (resto shaman) @ 2200 arena and ~2200 rbgs
Avaleira (ret paladin) @ 2400 arena
^ has a shadow priest that's @ 2700 arena
Refreshment - (mage) @ 2600 arena (not sure if he's going to be playing anymore)
Bellum - (DK) @ 2k arena
Ghanjababe - Alliance Resto Shaman 2200+ in cataclysm

I'm always looking for good players to queue BG's with as well, so hit me up.
marksman/BM - 2100+ exp arena - 1800+ exp rbgs
Restoration druid:
2k 2v2
2100+ 3v3
2k 5v5
2k RBG

Down for anything. Balance OS, but in the words of Getfckedx, "I really don't give a !@#$". :P
(PS- you should totally make an annotation next to each person on the list for horde/alliance. [H] / [A] or something like that. I don't wanna go armory everyone! BAWW! <3)
Arms warrior. 2600 in wotlk but haven't played since then, so probably super chobo now.
im amazing at anything i do
I slay poon. I have a 1300 rating in 4's and one time I killed Onyxia.
Undèfined Frost DK 2100 Arenas 1900 RBGs
eric and i will poop on all of you... outside of the game.


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